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Athletics Victoria organises events in two seasons; summer and winter. Our winter season comprises our cross country competition (XCR), whilst our summer season contains various track and field competition levels. Our summer competition follows the following formats:

  1. Club Meets – Many clubs host club meets throughout the summer. Club meets are a great place to start your athletics journey. To see what clubs are hosting meets, see this page or contact clubs directly.
  2. AVSL – Our interclub track and field competition is held throughout the summer. AVSL is a fantastic way to meet people in the community through your club. Your club receives points when you participate with multiple divisions available. AVSL is fun, friendly and a fantastic way to become more involved in the athletics community.
  3. Specialist Meets – Specialist meets offer a higher level of competition for those looking for things a little faster, higher, and longer. Specialist groups include AV Throwers (Hammer, Discus, Shot Put & Javelin), High-Velocity Club (Sprints, Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps and High Jump), Rare Air Club (Pole Vault), Victorian Milers Club (800m, 1500m, Mile and 3000m) and the Victorian Race Walking Club (Walks).
  4. State Championships – Open to all AV Members; State Championships are a great goal to work up to. Not just for the elite, many AV members come together for a common goal, with all the action taking place in late March.
  • To view all our events, courses and more, please click here.
  • For more information on the events we offer – timetables, entry details, etc. – please see the pages below.
  • Please note that different events may require different memberships. You can learn more about our memberships here.
  • For membership information please call us on 03 7032 8400 between 9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday-Friday (AEDT), or email info@athsvic.org.au

2022/23 – AVSL

Back from January 21, 2023

This AVSL season will be contested from October 8 2022, to March 25 2023. The Athletics Victoria Shield League (AVSL) is Athletics Victoria’s summer track and field competition, offering a wide array of track and field events on a weekly basis across two metropolitan venues and three regional venues. With over 50 clubs and five AVSL divisions, clubs battle it out across ten rounds of AVSL to see who makes it to the AVSL Playoffs in March and, to decide promotion and relegation from each of the divisions.

To compete in AVSL, an AV membership and Summer package can be purchased. However, if you wish just to come and try, you can pre-enter online as a trialling participant.

Further information about AVSL in 2022/23 will be released later in the year.

Specialist Groups

Specialist meets cater to a range of athletes who want to further develop their skills across several track and field disciplines.

Specialist groups include; AV Throwers (Hammer, Discus, Shot Put & Javelin), High-Velocity Club (Sprints, Hurdles, Horizontal Jumps and High Jump), Rare Air Club (Pole Vault), Victorian Milers Club (800m, 1500m, Mile and 3000m) and the Victorian Race Walking Club (Walks).

Club Meets

We have a new form that clubs can complete We have a new form that clubs can complete if they wish to host a club meet. Simply download via the button below. Once completed, please email to sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au

2022 XCR – Winter Cross Country

Our winter cross-country season, or XCR, is a series of fantastic community-based events for you to challenge yourself and enjoy several great locations with friends. Common with runners of all abilities, our XCR season features a range of distances and locations from coastal courses to farm-land rolling hills to on-road racing.

XCR is the perfect event to leap outdoors, improve your fitness and challenge yourself.

School Competitions


Whether your school participates in athletics or not, we have opportunities for everyone to get involved. Our events provide inclusive experiences for students of all abilities. From educational athletics days to fun-filled festivals, the opportunities are there for all to have a go.

If your school is interested in hosting a track & field event, please get in touch with our team at schools@athsvic.org.au

State Championships

Our State Championships allow you to challenge yourself and compete against the best in Victoria across various event disciplines. The State Championships are an opportunity to achieve your goals, whether a medal or a personal best. The Championships are open to all AV Base Membership holders.

Results, Records & Other Important Information

Looking to break a record, not sure what age group you will be competing in, trying to find a past result? All the information you require can be found here!

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