Athletics Victoria is insured through Honan Sport. Honan Sport is a specialist division of the Honan Group and partners with various national sporting bodies to provide sport-specific insurance solutions.

Through Honan’s, Athletics Victoria has the following insurance:

  • Public Liability
  • Personal Injury
  • Building and Contents

Athletics Victoria may grant you access to one or more of the above insurances depending on your affiliation or membership.

For non-club, event insurance, please see this page.

Public Liability

What is it?

Protection for you and your business from legal and/or medical costs that arise from an incident connected with your activities. It protects you from the financial risk of being found liable to a third party for death, injury, loss or damage to property (amongst other things).

Who can access Public Liability?

When you affiliate your club (athletic and recreational running) or event organiser group with AV, you gain access to Public Liability insurance.

Coaches may also have access to public liability insurance through Athletics Australia

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Personal Injury

What is it?

Protection for participants and volunteers of an organisation for certain costs related to an injury sustained whilst involved in an insured’s activity.

Who can access Personal Injury?

Participants are classified as paid members of either an AV Athletic Club or AV Recreational Running Club. Membership types eligible for access include Athlete and Recreational Runner. Please note that AV Recreational Runners are restricted to low-risk activity and may not be covered if they engage in any high-risk athletic activity such as hurdles, pole vault, hammer throw etc.

Coaches may also have access to personal accident insurance through Athletics Australia

Case Study

Jane Doe holds a Rec Running membership with an AV affiliated club. Jane injured herself while competing in an AV affiliated trail run. Jane submitted a claim, and was given a payout to cover all claimed expenses (excluding pharmacy and Medicare related expenses) minus a $75 excess.

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Property and Contents

What is it?

Clubs (athletic and recreational running) affiliated with AV receive a minimum level of cover. Clubs and associations can choose to upgrade from the standard level of cover for an additional fee.

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