Welcome to your winter cross-country season – the On XCR Series!

Join a series of community-based events and challenge yourself and enjoy several great locations with friends.

No matter your running abilities, our cross country season features a range of distances and locations from inner-city courses to farm-land rolling hills. They’re the perfect events to get outdoors, challenge yourself, and do your best with friends.

Important Season Information

Finn Kane

Age: 15

What do you like about XCR? The team aspect and how everyone gets around and supports each other. I like the competition and pushing myself to do my best.

What is your favourite course and why? Probably Jells Park as it’s the first race of the season and there are lots of people there racing. It’s nice to start the season off with a team experience in a relay.

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Rhys Kane

Age: 13

What do you like about XCR? It isn’t really a tactical race, everyone just goes for it. Also the atmosphere is hectic and loud which every athlete loves.

What is your favourite course and why? Probably St Anne’s Bendigo or Jells Park, because I like the vineyard at Bendigo and the up and down course at Jells Park where anything can happen. I usually run fast there too which is good.

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Brenda Cashin

Age: 59

First XCR: 2012

What do you like about XCR? The social aspect. It’s a catch up for everyone from all over the state. AVSL is great, but at XCR you get to see everyone.

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Andy Buchanan

Age: 32

First XCR: 2010

What do you like about XCR? I love the team aspect of XCR, when I first started running for Bendigo we were battling to get into Premier division and over the years got a low as Div 5. It’s been great to slowly work our way up. I run to support the BATS and while it’s always nice to win an individual race, this doesn’t motivate me.

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