2020 OXYGN8 Target Talent Program

The Athletics Victoria Target Talent Program (AVTTP) is a high-performance pathway program funded and regulated in partnership with Athletics Australia (AA) and the Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS). The program is strongly aligned with activities of the Athletics Australia High Performance Department and has been established to:

  • Act as the early talent identification component of Athletics Australia’s High-Performance Department;
  • Encourage the best young athletes in the State by inviting them to be part of a State level squad and participate in development opportunities;
  • Encourage and develop the best local coaches through recognizing them as State Coaches;
  • To create meaningful contacts in the off-season between the best young athletes in the State, their personal coaches and the AVTTP State coaching Team;
  • Create a National pool of identified coaches in each event group (i.e. State Coaches for Sprints & Hurdles, Endurance & Walks, Jumps, and Throws) who model best practice and who are supported by the AA National Junior Coaching Team;
  • By identifying and engaging Victoria’s best junior athletes and coaches through development education opportunities, the AVTTP aims to encourage both athletes and coaches to achieve their potential and to progress through the AA High Performance Pathway, in a fun, encouraging and engaging environment


Please note that due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of the 2020 Australian National Championships, some adjustments where made to the 2020 AVTTP qualification criteria to compensate for athletes who where targeting the 2020 AUS National Championships for AVTTP selection. An adjustment of 1% of the original selection standards was implemented, following which all results across the Victorian domestic season where reviewed to capture athletes who fell into this revised 1% margin. Selection letters have now been sent to all eligible athletes.

AVTTP Endurance Squad – selections:
Given the large number of endurance athletes (800m and above, ~80+ athletes) who achieved results within the adjusted 1% of the original selection standards, AVTTP was required to consider discretionary selections for athletes who had not achieved the automatic selection standards for the endurance squad. This was done to preserve the squad size, ensuring an appropriate level of coach support could be offered to the squad throughout the AVTTP season.

If you have not received a selection letter, however believe you are eligible within the revised selection criteria, please email your 2019/2020 season results through to Matilda.Skok@athsvic.org.au.

For further information about the 2020 AVTTP, please review the below documents or contact the AVTTP Team via email Matilda.Skok@athsvic.org.au

Please note: selection standards in the above document have NOT been adjusted to account for the additional 1% as per the revised AVTTP selection standards mentioned above