Athletics Victoria Target Talent Program

Athletics Victoria’s Target Talent Program is a comprehensive development program positioned to identify and support the state’s most promising young athletes.

The AVTTP has been designed to educate and upskill, with the spotlight on technical skill development, sports literacy, and building high performance behaviours. With a focus on long-term athlete development, the Target Talent Program aims to help athletes and coaches to reach their full potential and achieve success in sport and life.


In 2024 the Athletics Australia Target Talent program (TTP) aims to offer a flexible education model incorporating online Webinars and an associated Learning portal in conjunction with Practical Masterclasses in each state. TTP will aim to offer a greater environment for athletes to gain further knowledge to aid their performance development towards achieving higher performance standards. The TTP Award will be managed by Athletics Australia and supported by the local state Member Associations.

Athletes are able to achieve the TTP Bronze, Silver and Gold Award by completing each of the units offered through the use of the AA learning Portal and Webinars, hosted by the Athletics Australia Pathway Discipline Coordinators and experienced coaches.

To achieve the TTP Award each year, athletes will need to engage in the following:

  • Complete all education Webinars and the required online assessment
  • Complete a Goal Setting unit upon selection and Season Review at the end of the competition season.
  • Participate in at least 1 Practical Masterclass

Education Webinars

Athletics Australia will host a series of National TTP webinars throughout the TTP squad year. Webinars will focus on athlete and coach upskilling in the areas of Nutrition, Exercise Physiology, Sport Psychology, Athlete Wellbeing, Injury Risk Reduction, Biomechanics and Performance Planning.

See below schedule for the 2024 TTP webinar series.

Performance areaWebinar Date TopicFocusPresenterRegister
NutritionMay 27th
How to perform at your personal best!1. Nutrition considerations  for travel
2. Practice pre – competition food, between competition foods, recovery foods & timing 3. Don’t try anything new
Bryce Anderson(Click Here)
PhysiologyJune 17th
Athlete recovery1. Periodised Recovery
2. Practical Applications of Sleep
3. Recovery Gimmicks
Bryce Anderson(Click Here)
Sport PsychologyJuly 15th
Embracing the moment1. Psychological expansion.    2. Mindfulness to enhance task execution in contexts that matter. 
3. Values in action
Jacqui Sandland(Click Here)
Athlete Wellbeing & EngagementAugust 12th
Balancing education, sport and time away from homeTools to manage athletes’ education, sport commitments and time away from home.Belinda Creer(Click Here)
Injury Risk ReductionSeptember 16th
Injury Management1. Communication is pivotal for early identification and management 2. Get the right information from the appropriate sources 3. Management of injuries relies upon a multidisciplinary approach inclusive of and not exclusive to the athlete, coach, parents, and medical support to plan appropriately towards the common goalRob Mullard(Click Here)
BiomechanicsOctober 14th
Biomechanics in your DTETime points of change, implementation, tools available to you and how you approach Biomechanics in your training environmentTarryn Elvish / Kirstie Turner (Click Here)
Performance PlanningNovember 11th
Reviewing Performance1. What did you do well, what do you need to work on in the following areas: Technical / Tactical / Physical / Psychological
2. What tools can we use to review certain elements of our performance
3. Identify areas where progress occurred. (On / Off the track)
4. Provide feedback to your performance support team 5. What external factors influenced performance?
6. What can we do with this review? Plan for the next cycle / race / season.
Adam Didyk(Click Here)

Practical Masterclasses

The aim is to connect High Performance Staff / Coaches / Athletes with talented athletes in each state.

Each state will hold a minimum of 2 Masterclasses which will target identified needs in each of their states. Coaches will be included in the consideration of Masterclass content and opportunities for HP Coach education is encouraged.

The 2024 AVTTP is open to athletes born between 2005 and 2009(Athletes who fall outside of this date range may be considered via discretionary selection).

Please refer to the selection policy below for further information, noting that applications for the 2024 AVTTP Program are now open.