2022/23 AVSL Season

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Zone AZone BBallaratBendigoGeelong
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AVSL Playoffs this year will take place across 2 consecutive weekends held at 5 venues (3 Country & 2 Metro) across Victoria allowing athletes to compete and contribute points in their nominated events.

Each club and athlete will have something to play for during the AVSL Playoffs this year with the top 5 teams in each division playing off for the AVSL divisional Shield. The bottom 5 teams in Division 1 through to 4 will competing to avoid relegation.

Across the two weekends of playoffs, athletes will be able to contribute points in 3 individual events and 1 relay on weekend 1 and weekend 2. This new format of Playoffs will allow greater opportunity for participation and incentive to compete for success, survival or relegation!

AVSL Zones

In previous years we administered AVSL under a Red, Yellow, Blue, White zone structure and allocated clubs to those four regions based on geographical location. This structure was unbalanced and had some challenges with club helper duties. To align with the two venues we operate on a weekly basis we have consolidated to a two-zone structure, Zone A and Zone B. This decision was based on the participation data from previous seasons.

To see which zone your club falls under see link below.

What Is AVSL?

Contested during the summer season, this year from October 2022 to March 2023, the Athletics Victoria Shield League (AVSL) is Athletics Victoria’s summer track and field competition. With over 50 clubs and five AVSL divisions, clubs battle it out across ten rounds of AVSL to see who makes it to the AVSL Playoffs in March and, to decide promotion and relegation from each of the divisions.

Each athlete can register for and compete in as many events as they wish. Athletes will be scored based on a performance scale, with their best three individual events (Plus one relay) counting towards their club’s overall score.

To compete in AVSL, an AV BASE membership, Track & Field package, or MAX Package is required.

If you plan on participating on five or more AVSL rounds, the Track & Field package is for you!

You can purchase a membership here or upgrade your existing membership here. however, if you wish just to come and try, you can pre-enter online as a trialling participant for one round!

Entering AVSL has changed for 2022/23

View to to enter AVSL events this season

AVSL Gradings and Scoring

AVSL features five graded divisions.

Clubs are graded in ‘divisions’ according to their performances in the 2021/22 AVSL season. Clubs compete against other clubs within that division.

The team with the highest accumulated points after each round is awarded maximum points which ultimately decides Playoff Qualification and Promotion and Relegation.

2021/22 AVSL Champions:

PremierDivision 2Division 3Division 4Division 5
Athletics EssendonWestern AthleticsMentoneAthletics South-WestIvanhoe

AVSL Powerplay

In AVSL, clubs are issued with one (1) Powerplay per season. Clubs can use their Powerplay on any round from Rounds 1-10 only. Clubs cannot use their Powerplay on the final playoffs round.

Powerplays will double the clubs’ ladder points for that round and must be submitted before the entries close to sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au

Strategy is key. Use your Powerplay wisely!

AVSL Venues

The 2022-23 AVSL venues have been chosen based on safety and operational factors in conjunction and agreement with the AVSL Committee. AV is working with the committees and venues to allow future competition to take place.

Nunawading – Track surface has been deemed unsafe for competition. Review taking place.

Box Hill – Safety concerns and program scheduling challenges.

Ringwood – Unsafe to conduct Discus/Hammer & Javelin due to layout of throws area. Track markings are insufficient to operate an effective and efficient AVSL round.

Meet DateEntries OpenEntries CloseEvent Page
Round 1Sat 8th OctWed 28th Sept 5:00pmWed 5th Oct 11:59am (Midday)Completed
Round 2Sat 15th OctWed 5th Oct 5:00pmWed 12th Oct 11:59am (Midday)Completed
Round 3Sat 22nd OctWed 12th Oct 5:00pmWed 19th Oct 11:59am (Midday)Completed
Round 4Sat 12th NovWed 2nd Nov 5:00pmWed 9th Nov 11:59am (Midday) Completed
Round 5Sat 19th NovWed 9th Nov 5:00pmWed 16th Nov 11:59am (Midday)Completed
Round 6Sat 3rd DecWed 23rd Nov 5:00pmWed 30th Nov 11:59am (Midday)Completed
Round 7Sat 17th DecWed 7th Dec 5:00pmWed 14th Dec 11:59am (Midday)Completed
Round 8 Sat 21st JanWed 11th Jan 5:00pmWed 18th Jan 11:59am (Midday)Completed
Round 9Sat 4th FebWed 25th Jan 5:00pmWed 1st Feb 11:59am (Midday)Completed
Round 10* Sat 18th FebWed 8th Feb 5:00pmWed 15th Feb 11:59am (Midday)Completed
Playoffs Weekend 1Sat 18th MarWed 8th Mar 5:00pmWed 15th Mar 11:59am (Midday)CLOSED
Playoffs Weekend 2Sat 25th MarWed 15th Mar 5:00pmWed 22nd Mar 11:59am (Midday)Enter Here
*Please note Round 10 at Bendigo will be held Friday 17th February and Ballarat will be held at Thursday 16th February
**Entry Opening and Entry Closing times will vary for Bendigo & Ballarat Venues with entries taken via their regional websites

Unfortunately, Geelong Athletics does not have sufficient walks judges to conduct walks events at this time. Following this advice, a decision was made by Geelong Athletics with the support of Athletics Victoria, to remove the walks from their AVSL timetables until walks judges can be acquired. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Results Hub

In conjunction with AVSL, we are excited to bring you Results Hub, your go-to place for all AVSL results and scores.

In Results Hub, you can view the current AVSL Ladder standings, analyse and review results, scores, and powerplays at any time.

You are also able to check results from all other AV competitions.