AVSL Change of Specification

Athletes will compete using the event specifications relevant to their championship age group as of the 2024 season.

Athletes who wish to progress to a higher specification following in hurdles, steeplechase and throws to match their 2024 Championship specification, can complete the below form no later than the set closing date prior to competition round, and this change of specification will be in place until the completion of the 2023/24 AVSL season.

With the inclusion of the 750g U13 Discus implement weight by Athletics Australia, athletes that are eligible may decide to use the 750g Discus at AVSL for the remainder of the season. Athletes MUST be born in 2012 to be eligible to use the 750g Discus, and must complete the form below.

This will allow the individual to score points and have the correct specification listed on ResultsHub.

Hurdle & Steeplechase athletes PLEASE enter your current AVSL specification each round (with the seed time for the higher championship specification) and AV will manually update the entry to be the higher specification each round for AVSL until the end of the season.