2022 Victorian All Schools Track Relay & Field Relay Championships

Date: Thursday 15th September

Location: Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, VIC 3206

Entries Close: 11:59 am (Midday) Wednesday 7th September

Dust off the spikes and get the chalk ready. Track and Field is back…

Athletics Victoria (AV) is proud to announce our All-Schools Relay Championships for 2022.  This year we will be incorporating a multi-discipline field relay event into the existing track relay program for Juniors, Intermediates & Seniors. The new event will consist of four legs – High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put and Discus.

Attracting teams from public and private schools alike, the Victorian All Schools Track & Field Relay Championships looks set to be an exciting day of team events across both field and track disciplines.

AV has taken the initiative to reduce all schools’ summer team events to a single day and includes field relays into the existing track relay program due to: Athletics Australia no longer holding a National School Nitro Challenge competition, school calendar impacts due to the GAT scheduling in September and lack of access to Lakeside Stadium.

(Note: The Victorian School Nitro Challenge will not be held in 2022. This is in line with the decision made by Athletics Australia to not hold the National Schools Nitro Challenge)


Final Event results are now published on ResultsHub and are listed under Schools Track Relay Champs

The overall Team scores for Combined (inc male, female & mixed schools), Female teams & Male teams can be found here. The overall team scores are based on the top 8 teams from each track relay and the top 8 placed teams in the field event relay.


School’s will be assigned various duties to enable the event to run successfully, and will be based off the number of teams that you submit to participate.

We are expecting a requirement of 1 helper per 4 teams entered. Roles will be assigned where possible based of the teams entered by schools.

Helpers will be requested to report to the Cathy Freeman Room 15 minutes prior to their rostered shift.


We are excited to incorporate field athletes into our Relay offering for the first time to ensure there is an opportunity for all athletes to represent their school on the day.

The brand-new field relay will see teams of 2-4 participants across four field events (Long Jump, High Jump, Shot Put & Discus). Students will be able to compete in a maximum of two events, with participants receiving three attempts in each of the horizontal field events and for the High Jump, athletes will only be allowed to attempt 3 heights with up to 3 attempts at each height. (Modified rules due to time constraints.)

Points will then be allocated to each of the athletes based on their finishing position at that field event site.

Teams can be created in a multitude of options based on the number of students selected, although students can only compete for one team across the day. With three age groups available – Junior (U14), Intermediate (U16) & Senior (U20). Please Note: The year of births originally included in the competition rules were incorrect, with the 2006 listed for Intermediate. 2006 born athletes will need to participate in the Senior relays.

2 Student Team
3 Student Team
4 Student Team
Long JumpStudent 1Student 1Student 1
High JumpStudent 1Student 2Student 2
Shot PutStudent 2Student 3Student 3
DiscusStudent 2Student 3Student 4

Schools can enter multiple field relay teams in the same age group, but athletes can only participate for the one team during the day!

Please Note: The Field Relay competition will not be a sanctioned state permit meet, so athletes performances will not be eligible to be used for National Qualification or State Victorian Records for registered Athletics Victoria members.

For more information, please read the Field Relay Championship rules available in the important information section below.


The Track Relay’s will be held in the tried-and-true format, with 4×100, 4×400, 4×800, and Medley relays on offer across multiple age groups!

4 x 100m4 x 100m4 x 100m4 x 100m
Medley RelayMedley RelayMedley RelayMedley Relay
4 x 400m4 x 400m4 x 400m
4 x 800m4 x 800m

Students can enter multiple relays or age groups across the day but may only compete in the same event once (EXAMPLE – U16 4x100m and U18 4x400m is A-OK, but U16 4x100m and U18 4x100m is a NO GO).

The Medley relay will consist of 200m, 200m, 400m, 800m.

Please read the Track Relay Championship rules in the important information section below for more information.


We can’t wait to welcome the schools back to Lakeside Stadium. Now is your chance to get a team together and be involved in one of the state’s biggest track and FIELD competitions!

Please complete the online school entry form, where we will send you an invoice for your entered teams. Entry fees will be $41.20 per entered team.

You do not need to provide your student’s details at this stage; this is only required when you check your teams on the day (forms are available below in the important information section).

Team Check-in is only required the day before if you wish to electronically submit or if manually submit your check-in sheet 90 minutes before the first event start time.

Substitutions will also be allowed throughout the day but must be submitted 45 minutes before the event is held to ensure all the paperwork is up to date.



The individual Victorian All Schools Track and Field Championships will be held on the weekends of 29th-30th October and 5th-6th November!

More information will be released shortly.

*Please note that this event and its offerings are subject to change in alignment with advice from the Victorian Government

**School administrators are responsible for completing team entries for school team events, not individual athletes. To register your teams, please complete the registration form using the button below; if you have any issues, please contact sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au.

Important Information:

Provisional Timetable
(As of 13.09.22)
Track Relay Competition Rules
(As of 13.09.22)
Field Relay Competition Rules
(As of 13.09.22)
Track Entry ListField Entry ListTrack Relay Check-In Form
Track Relay Substitution Form
Field Relay Check-In Form
Field Relay Substitution Form
ResultsHubAV Rules and Policies

If you have issues entering the event, please contact Athletics Victoria PRIOR to the closing date. This can be done via email to sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au or by phoning the Athletics Victoria office on 7032 8403 (Craig Wallace). Please leave a message explaining the issues you are experiencing. Athletics Victoria will not accept any late entries. Emails received after the closing date will not be accepted.

NOTE: Please be aware that following the closure of entries, AV will publish a provisional timetable which will take the place of the Draft Timetable.