Victorian Schools Challenge

Date: Thursday 7th September, 2023

Entries Close: 11:59am (Midday), Monday 28th August, 2023

Location: Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park, VIC 3206

Will your School take on the Challenge…

2023 will see the return of a Victorian School team track and field competition where teams will work together, scoring points across a variety of track and field events.

Schools will also compete against one another for the chance to progress to the Australian final in this unique team competition.

**School administrators are responsible for completing team entries for school team events, not individual athletes.


School’s will be assigned various duties to enable the event to run successfully, and will be based off the number of teams that you submit to participate.

We are expecting a requirement of 1 helper for your first team entered, then 1 helper for each additional 2 teams after this. This may change based on the number of teams/schools that enter the competition.

Roles will be assigned where possible based on the teams entered by schools.

Helpers will be requested to report to the Cathy Freeman Room 15 minutes prior to their rostered shift.

Important Information:

Team entries will be $150 per team entered.

Enter HereProvisional Timetable (as at 04/09/23)Competition Rules (as at 27/7/23)AA Schools Challenge InformationResultsHubAV Rules and Policies


We can’t wait for the return of the Schools Challenge. Now is your chance to get a team together and be involved in one of the state’s biggest track and field team competitions!

Please complete the online school entry form, where we will send you an invoice for your entered teams. Entry fees will be $50.00 per entered team.

You do not need to provide your student’s details at this stage; this is only required when you check your teams on the day (forms are available below in the important information section).

Team Check-in is only required the day before if you wish to electronically submit or if manually submit your check-in sheet 90 minutes before the first event start time.

Substitutions will also be allowed throughout the day but must be submitted 45 minutes before the event is held to ensure all the paperwork is up to date.


**School administrators are responsible for completing team entries for school team events, not individual athletes. To register your teams, please complete the registration form using the button below; if you have any issues, please contact sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au.

If you have issues entering the event please contact Athletics Victoria PRIOR to the closing date. This can be done via email to sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au or by phoning the Athletics Victoria office on 03 7032 8400. Please leave a message explaining the issues you are experiencing. Athletics Victoria will not accept any late entries. Emails received after the closing date will not be accepted.

NOTE: Please be aware that following the closure of entries, AV will publish a provisional timetable which will take the place of the Draft Timetable.