2023-26 Athletics Victoria Strategic Plan

Athletics Victoria is excited to unveil its 2023-26 Strategic Plan.

The ambitious yet pragmatic Plan centers on 12 unique projects, with three primary tasks assigned to each project over the initial two years (2023-24).

Underpinning the Strategic Plan is identification and a clear focus on Athletics Victoria’s three strategic priorities – to continue to run best-in-class events, to nurture statewide growth of our sport, and to establish sustained business confidence.

Athletics Victoria President Rob Wendel said the 2023-26 Strategic Plan was an exciting development for the organisation.

“AV has emerged from a challenging few years both resolute and with clear intent. In developing this Strategic Plan, the AV Committee have set very clear objectives – the Strategic Plan states in simple terms what we will do, and how we will measure the impact of what we do.”

Wendel emphasised that success against the Strategic Plan would ultimately require a collective effort from the Victorian Athletics community. 

“When we talk about what ‘we’ will do, it is important to recognise that while the Committee and administration play an important role in executing on the Strategic Plan, our success as a sport and as an organisation is ultimately the sum of many collective efforts. To that end, we commit to working tirelessly with all our stakeholders, most notably our clubs and our many valued volunteers, to ensure we collectively continue to drive our sport forward.”

Wendel said that transparency and regular reporting to the Athletics community would be a cornerstone of the new Strategic Plan, with no less than biannual reporting against the Strategic Plan to be provided to the broader Victorian Athletics community.