Get ready for a big summer season

Athletics Victoria is excited to release our Summer Calendar for the 2023/24 season. Featuring an action-packed schedule of over 30 meets spanning from September to April, we are thrilled to usher in another exhilarating summer of track and field action off the back of what has been a highly successful winter XCR Series.

The AV summer track and field season officially kicked off on August 30 with the Victorian All Schools Track Relay Championships, but returns in earnest from October 7, with AVSL – our staple track and field series. With over 50 clubs and five AVSL divisions, clubs will battle it out across twelve rounds of AVSL to see who takes home the Shield, as well as promotion and relegation for the 2024/25 Season.

Stay tuned for further announcements from us regarding the eagerly anticipated Specialist Groups, club meets, and the 2023 Zatopek:10 – which in partnership with global running brand On, is set to become the fifth of five global ‘On Track Nights’ held in the inaugural season of the On Track Nights series.

Athletics Victoria CEO Matthew Duck shared his excitement for the summer ahead, saying “We’ve seen a resurgence of activity over the winter months, meeting and then surpassing pre-Covid participation numbers, which is incredibly exciting.”

“There’s a misconception at times that athletics is strictly for the elite, and in some ways our marked success at the recent World Athletics Championships only perpetuates that misconception – but what I’m most excited about is the number of events on offer this summer for newcomers and community participants alike.”

“If you’re someone who wants to move, we aim to have something to offer you, no matter your level, and I’d like to think this summer calendar strikes a chord for everyone.”

At Athletics Victoria, we are eagerly anticipating another exciting summer season and extending our offerings to our current, new, and past members.

To find out more information, please see the 2023-2024 Summer Calendar here. To read more about Athletics Victoria’s membership options, click here.