WU20 Results Day 5 and coming up Final Day

Day 5 sees Nash Lowis reach the top podium with a Gold Medal in the Mens Javelin. After qualifying first it was Lowis’ 5th attempt that pushed him into an unreachable lead with 75.31m.

Outstanding performances from our walkers in the 10,000m journey with a new National U20 record for Declan Tingay (4th) and a superb personal best for Kyle Swan (6th).  Katie Hayward also posted a PB and finished  5th in the Womens event.

Both the womens and mens 4x 400m Relay qualified for the final and both are strong chances to challenge for a medal.

Heading into the final day Australia find themselves in 6th position on the medal table.

For all results from DAY 5 Click HERE

So on the final day, here are the Australians in action

World U20 Championships – Tampere Finland
Day 6
20:30 W High Jump Final Startlist
20:35 W 100 Metres Hurdles Final Startlist
20:40 M Discus Throw (1.750kg) Final Startlist
20:45 M 3000 Metres Steeplechase Final Startlist
21:00 W Triple Jump Final Startlist
21:15 W 1500 Metres Final Startlist
21:34 M 800 Metres Final Startlist
21:58 W 4×400 Metres Relay Final Startlist Australia Lane 6
22:28 M 4×400 Metres Relay Final Startlist Australia Lane 5

WU20 Results Day 4 and coming up Day 5…

Day 4 is done at the World U20 Championships with some strong performances from the Australian team and a heart breaking DNF in the preliminary rounds of the Mens 4 x 100m relay. Meanwhile the Womens Team qualified 8th to make the final of the 4 x 100m Relay.

Day 2 of the Heptathlon with Celeste Mucci placed to challenge for a medal heading into the remaining three disciplines. With both Mucci and fellow Aussie multi eventer Camryn Newton Smith posting P.B’s in the Javelin, the weather conditions went south with pelting rain for the final event the 800m.  Newton-Smith ran a PB of 2.23.11 and would finish 14th overall , while Mucci would miss out on the medals finishing 5th  with 5865 points.

All the results for Day 4 can be found  HERE

Coming up on Day 5 of the World U20 Championships:-

World U20 Championships – Tampere Finland
Day 5
16:30 M Discus Throw (1.750kg) Qualification Group A Startlist Alexander Kolesnichoff
16:35 W 10,000 Metres Race Walk Final Startlist Katie Hayward
17:00 W Triple Jump Qualification Startlist
17:40 M High Jump Final Startlist
17:45 M 10,000 Metres Race Walk Final Startlist Declan Tingay, Kyle Swan
17:50 M Discus Throw (1.750kg) Qualification Group B Startlist Conor McLoughlin
18:50 W 4×400 Metres Relay Heats Startlist (Ht 2/3) Lane 4 – First 2 each ht and next fastest 2
19:15 M 4×400 Metres Relay Heats Startlist (Ht 2/3) Lane 1 – First 2 each ht and next fastest 2
20:20 W Hammer Throw Final Startlist
20:50 M Pole Vault Final Startlist
20:55 W 100 Metres Hurdles Semi-Final Startlist Lateisha Willis (Ht1/3), Samanthan Johnson (Ht2/3)
21:30 M 800 Metres Semi-Final Startlist
21:59 M Triple Jump Final Startlist
22:05 W 200 Metres Final Startlist
22:20 M 5000 Metres Final Startlist
22:25 M Javelin Throw Final Startlist Nash Lowis
22:52 M 400 Metres Hurdles Final Startlist
23:04 W 4×100 Metres Relay Final Startlist Australia Lane 2
23:40 M 4×100 Metres Relay Final Startlist

WU20 Results Day 3 and coming up Day 4…

Another sensational day at the World U20 Championships in Tampere, Finland with Carley Thomas claiming a Silver medal in the Womens 800m in the blistering time of 2.01.13.

Ella Connelly also challenged for a medal in the Womens 400m with a gutsy performance that would see her claim a gallant 4th in 52.82.

Day 1 of the Womens Heptathlon has Celeste Mucci sitting in 4th and Camryn Newton-Smith in 20th with one day to go. Mucci (3523-pts) remains in touch with Day 1 leader Niamh Emerson (GBR – 3690 pts)

All the results for Day 3 can be found  HERE

Coming up on Day 4 of the World U20 Championships:-


World U20 Championships – Tampere Finland
Day 3
16:30 M Javelin Throw Qualification Group A Startlist Cameron McEntyre
16:35 W 100 Metres Hurdles Heats Startlist Samantha Johnson (Ht5/6), Lateisha Willis (Ht 6/6) – First 3 in each Ht and next fastest 6
17:00 W Long Jump Heptathlon Startlist Celeste Mucci (A), Camryn Newton-Smith (B)
17:25 M 800 Metres Heats Startlist Archie Wallis (Ht 1/4), Lachlan Raper (Ht 3/4) – First 3 in each Ht and next fastest 4
17:45 M Javelin Throw Qualification Group B Startlist Noah Lowis
18:20 W 1500 Metres Heats Startlist Sarah Eckel (Ht 1/2), Abbey Caldwell Ht 2/2) – First 4 in each Ht and next fastest 4
18:40 W High Jump Qualification Startlist
19:00 W 200 Metres Heats Startlist Riley Day (Ht2/5), Mia Gross (Ht 3/5) – First 4 in each Ht and next fastest 4
19:10 W Javelin Throw Heptathlon Group A Startlist Celeste Mucci (A)
20:20 W Javelin Throw Heptathlon Group B Startlist Camryn Newton-Smith (B)
00:50 (14 JUL) M Hammer Throw (6kg) Final Startlist James Joycey
01:00 (14 JUL) M Triple Jump Qualification Startlist
01:05 (14 JUL) W 4×100 Metres Relay Heats Startlist Australia (Ht1/2)
01:30 (14 JUL) M 4×100 Metres Relay Heats Startlist Australia (Ht 1/3)
02:00 (14 JUL) W 800 Metres Heptathlon Celeste Mucci, Camryn Newton-Smith
02:28 (14 JUL) M 400 Metres Hurdles Semi-Final Startlist
02:43 (14 JUL) W Long Jump Final Startlist
03:02 (14 JUL) W 200 Metres Semi-Final
03:26 (14 JUL) W 400 Metres Hurdles Final Startlist
03:35 (14 JUL) M 400 Metres Final Startlist
03:45 (14 JUL) W 3000 Metres Steeplechase Final Startlist Montana McAvoy, Brielle Erbacher
04:20 (14 JUL) M 200 Metres Final Startlist Zane Branco Lane 5


SANDOWN UPDATE – Distances reduced to one lap

Weather at Sandown is wet/cold and windy and forecast shows little relief.

As a result, all relays today will be adjusted and each relay runner will complete one lap only ( 1 lap only) to reduce exposure in the conditions.

There are no changes to the timetable

1245PM Open Start

1.15PM Women u20, u18, u16, u14, Men u18, u16, u14 Start

Reminder to bring appropriate clothing and a change of clothes.

Sandown Relays to proceed

XCR18 Sandown Relays will go ahead tomorrow after consultation with the Bureau of Meteorology  about the impending weather forecast this weekend.

The revised weather forecast still predicts showers and low temperatures and it is strongly recommended that you bring appropriate warm clothing and a change of clothes to the event.

We will continue to monitor the weather and if necessary make any changes to the program to ensure the safety of all in attendance.

Any changes to the program/timetable/distances will be notified by SMS and posted on the AV facebook page and AV website.

Stay warm and see you tomorrow.

2018 AGM Information and Agenda

The 2018 Athletics Victoria (AV) Annual General Meeting information and agenda is now available.

The AV AGM will be held in the Cathy Freeman Room on Wednesday 25th July 2018 commencing at 7.00pm and will be streamed via athsvictv. A link to watch the stream will be provided on the AV website homepage from 6.00pm on Wednesday 25th July 2018.


The following documents will be provided to Clubs prior to the AGM:-

  •  the 2017 Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
  • the 2017/2018 Annual Report and
  • the 2017/2018 Audited Financial Statement.

Who can attend the AV AGM?

  •  Nominated delegates of Affiliated Clubs (AV Clubs must be financial as at 30th June 2018) and
  • Life Members of Athletics Victoria

Clubs will be required to provide names of delegates by midday Monday 23rd July 2018.


Nominations for the Committee of Athletics Victoria

There are three positions available on the Committee of Athletics Victoria  in 2018 and seven (7) nominations have been received.

An election will take place at the AGM.

Clubs will have the following number of votes to cast at the AGM  (AGM CLUB VOTES )and will be provided with voting slips when they register. * The number of votes each affiliated Club can cast is determined by the number of club members as at the 31st March 2018.

Nominees are listed below. Please click on each nominee for more information (edited by Athletics Victoria)

Raff Agostino Diamond Valley AC

Joshua Attwood Eureka AC

Rohan Claffey Athletics Waverley

Samantha Culbert Box Hill AC

Russell Harper  Glenhuntly AC

Grant MacKenzie  Box Hill AC

Rob Wendel  Diamond Valley AC

Raff Agostino

Joshua Attwood

Rohan Claffey

Samantha Culbert

Russell Harper

Grant Mackenzie

Rob Wendel



AV Survey Preliminary Results

The 2018 Athletics Victoria is now closed and we would like to thank the membership for their support of this process. A total of 1236 members completed the survey from 5430 invitations which is an excellent result.

The attached results are presented in two parts – the first is the analytical data and results from 10 out of the 14 questions. These questions required members to select an answer from a number of responses, or provide a score out of 10 for their experience and/or choice to recommend athletics and/or the sport.

The remaining four questions in the survey provided an opportunity for members to provide an open answer. There is a considerable amount of work to analyse the common themes and outcomes from these questions which is currently under way.

AV Memberships and Bibs for 2018/2019

1424 Athletics Victoria Membership packs will be delivered to Club Managers tomorrow at XCR18 Round 1 Jells park Relays.

Each AV member will receive in their membership pack:-

  •  Athletics Victoria SportsPass Membership Card
  •  Athletics Victoria Welcome Letter
  •  two (2) Cloth Bib Numbers and
  • one (1) timing Bib

Cloth bibs are to be worn front and back at the following events:-

  • XCR Relay Events ( Jells Park, Sandown, Angelsea and Tan Relays) and
  • Summer track & field competition

For all individual XCR18 Rounds (St Annes, Cruden Farm, Bundoora, Albert Park, Ballarat and Burnley),

  • The Timing Bib is to be worn on the front, and
  • one cloth bib on the back.

Please refer to the AV BIB placement guide XCR 18 BIB INSTRUCTIONS

A copy of the BIB Guide will be provided to each AV member along with their membership pack

Three (3) bibs – two cloth and one timing chip bib have been issued to all memberships received this week before the closing date.

The TIMING Chip BIB (front) and one CLOTH Bib  is to be used in all individual XCR Events.

Members are reminded to keep all bibs in tact as if a bib is lost or misplaced then there is a fee for all replacement bibs.

Club Managers/Reps will make arrangements to hand out all membership packs to Club Members.



XCR is back!

Jells Park hosts the first edition of this year’s XCR, the round which in 2017 saw 1,111 members competing – our second highest participation rate ever.
The first round of last year’s XCR proved to be a decisive one, with many of those victorious going on to take out the overall Teams Pennant. In 2018 we see Old Xaverians promoted to Premier Women, replacing Geelong Region. Whilst over in the men’s competition Western Athletics is promoted as one of the ten Premier Men’s teams, replacing APS United.
2018 also sees the addition of two new age groups; Men’s 60+ and Women’s 50+. 

Word on the street is that some of our Commonwealth Games athletes may come and compete this weekend after a successful track and field competition at Gold Coast 2018 and if you’re on the lookout for some new shoes, Saucony will be at Jells Park with a select footwear range. 

As a reminder – To be eligible to run in a relay team for your club your membership must be complete and approved before 11.59am Wednesday 18th April 2018. Don’t leave it to the last minute and make sure your Club Registrar approves your membership to complete the process.
See you at Jells Park!
Note: Team Managers, please make sure you cross check the Eligible Athletes List located on the event page by clicking here.


XCR18 Round 1 Jells Park

Relay Team entries close 11.59am Monday 16th April 2018

Member Registrations to compete at Jells Park close 11.59am Wednesday 18th April.  

Clubs must have approved your membership to be eligible to compete at Jells Park.

**Members please make sure you complete your registration well before the closing time on Wednesday 18th April 11.59am to allow Clubs time to approve your memberships. Only approved memberships will be eligible to compete at JELLS PARK on Saturday 21st April 2018.

** Club Registrars – please approve all memberships before 11.59am Wednesday 18th April.