Member Protection Update – July 14, 2020

Athletics Victoria has updated their Member Protection Policy and provided clubs and members with new resources to assist in complaint handling procedures.

See our updated Member Protection Policy here.

New Pages and Resources on Site

We want all clubs and members to feel empowered and as though they have the resources to support them in managing minor issues. To assist with this we have developed a number of tools and provided direction on managing complaints.

Member Protection information page – information on how to handle a complaint and the basic steps to resolve an issue

Formal Complaint page – information on the escalation of an informal to a formal complaint

Lodge a Formal Complaint with AV – when a club has made attempts to resolve issue (informally and formally), and needs further assistance. An AV MPIO will be in touch with regard to your issue.

Reporting Process Visual – this is the reporting process that we will be encouraging clubs to share with their members.

Club Resources – an updated section dedicated to member protection and complaint handling procedures.

Stay well & stay safe!

AV Team