NVW: Brenton Hall

Starting his athletics journey at ten years old, running for Mill Park-South Morang, Brenton Hall is an established Official in Victoria. As our final segment of the 2022 National Volunteer Week (NVW), we want to thank you again and celebrate the wonderful volunteers who help run athletics in Victoria. We appreciate each one of you.

When and where did you first get involved with Athletics?

I started competing in Little Athletics as a 10-year-old at the Lalor-Thomastown Centre running for Mill Park-South Morang.

What do you like the most about Officiating?

I love getting to interact with athletes. However, my usual role doesn’t allow for much of that.

Who has been the best athlete you’ve ever witnessed when officiating?

Linden Hall. When she became the first Australian woman to run under 4 minutes for 1500m, with a dominant solo run over the last 800m. It was such a milestone achievement and the culmination of a season where she consistently broke or challenged Australian records, often with solo runs. 

What are 3 key things you bring to every meet?

Ok, black tape, snack foods and my rule book.

What is one book every person should read in their lifetime?

Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol.” It has so many good life lessons.

Favourite event to officiate?

Any distance event.

If you had to explain the positives of officiating to someone, what are the top 3?

  1. A way to challenge yourself is by having to learn new skills.
  2. Provides one with a sense that they are contributing to something much bigger than themselves.
  3. A great way to stay close to one’s area of passion.

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