Changes to How You Enter XCR in 2022

Today, we are writing to outline a change to individual event entries for the 2022 XCR season.
This year, package holders are no longer automatically entered in all rounds of XCR. We understand this is a significant change from previous years. 

The change in entry procedure allows us to review staffing and official requirements, risk and operational essentials and give us the ability to more accurately track event attendances in the lead up to the event. This change also provides easier entry for short or long course options, applicable to some athletes.

We know this kind of change is not what some of you wanted to hear, but it will ensure that we continue to improve the events we deliver to you.

To help with your season planning, we have opened entries to all of our XCR events, which you can now view and enter by clicking on this link.

We hope to see you hitting your goals, having fun and enjoying the great athletics community you’re all a part of this year.