NVW: Josh Savage

Introducing Josh Savage. Starting in athletics at just 6 years old, Josh talks about how volunteering as an Official gives him the “best seat in the house” while developing skills and building lifelong friendships.

During the 2022 National Volunteer Week (NVW), celebrated from May 16 – 22, we are shining a light on just some of the wonderful volunteers that help run athletics in Victoria.

When and where did you first get involved with Athletics?

I started off as a 6-year-old at Little Aths. I started officiating locally at AV Shield (now AVSL) while competing, aged 13, and it grew from that point.

What do you like the most about Officiating?

Aside from the friendships, the variety! There are so many different jobs to do. Two days are never the same.

Who has been the best athlete you’ve ever witnessed when officiating?

I’m not really sure if I have a favourite athlete to watch. However, any vertical jumper on their day is always amazing to see.

What are 3 key things you bring to every meet?

A clipboard, a pen/pencil and appropriate clothing (hat, jacket, shoes etc.)

What is one book every person should read in their lifetime?

I am a Harry Potter kid, so any Harry Potter novel is always fantastic. 

Favourite event to officiate?

I like any individual event, e.g. Pole Vault or High Jump. You also can’t beat the Championships, especially the Vic Country Champs.

If you had to explain the positives of officiating to someone, what are the top 3?

The sheer variety of things you can do. If you like computers, there is a role for you. If you enjoy more customer service sort of roles that’s here too! There are such a wide variety of positions that help this sport tick. Officiating is a fantastic place to create and build lifelong friendships. And, as a bonus, it’s the best seat in the house to watch athletes do their thing.

Want to start your officiating journey? It’s free, fun and a great way to help local sport. Please click here to learn more.