XCR Masters Competition – Update

At the beginning of this season, we made some changes to the competition rules for Women’s 50+ and Men’s 60+. The changes were based on improving the decline in participation numbers in these age groups and feedback from current and former AV members over the past two years on the distances offered. An integral component of our strategy is to provide opportunities for all Victorians to participate in our offerings. Led by our research, we decided to reduce the distances in XCR21 for Individual and Team Championships, for the Women’s 50+ and Men’s 60+. We ensured that members in these categories could elect to run the longer distances but would forgo earning Team Championships points.   

Last Friday, Athletics Victoria received a letter on behalf of six Clubs detailing that some members opposed the changes made to the distances and eligibility for both individual and Team Championship points in Women’s 50+ and Men’s 60+. Additionally, we have received support from many members for this change. With two different views, we have reviewed the distances and eligibility rules for individual and team Championships in Women’s 50+ and Men’s 60+ for XCR21. In light of consumer feedback, Athletics Victoria has decided;

– To reinstate the distances for these age groups to align with Open for XCR21

– We will continue to offer the shorter distances currently outlined in the XCR21 Handbook for Women’s 50+ and Men’s 60+.

What this means for Women’s 50+ and Men’s 60+
– Members that have purchased an XCR or Max Package in both Women’s 50+ and Men’s 60+ will be automatically entered into the Open Distances.

– Individuals in W50+ and M60+ competing in the same distances as Open Men and Women will be eligible to score team points in Open, 40+ and 50+ for both men and women and 60+ for men.

– Members in Women’s 50+ and Men’s 60+ that wish to compete in the shorter distances will need to elect to do so by emailing Athletics Victoria before the closing date for each round of XCR21. If an election is not made by this time, members will be entered into the Open distances.

– Members in Women’s 50+ and Men’s 60+ who compete in the shorter distances will be eligible for XCR21 Invitational medals at those XCR21 events currently identified in the handbook as Championships events.

An XCR21 Women’s 50+ and Men’s 60+ Invitational Teams Championships for the shorter distances will be determined at the end of the season sufficient participants have completed the events from Clubs (minimum three Clubs).

The online XCR21 Handbook will be updated in the coming days to reflect the changes.

As is now standard, we offer surveys after each round of XCR. These surveys are in addition to our end of season surveys and our yearly brand survey. We encourage all members to complete these to help shape the future of the sport we all love.

On behalf of the entire team, we look forward to seeing everyone at Lardner Park, and if there are any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Stay safe.


Glenn Turnor
Chief Executive Officer