Victorian Track & Field Championships Week 2 – Protocols and Processes

A big thank you to all the athletes, coaches, volunteers, and supporters who made the State Victorian Track & Field Championships Week 1 a fantastic weekend to welcome athletics back.

After consulting with the Competitions Director, we have made the difficult decision to move this Friday’s (tomorrow) planned events to Saturday and Sunday due to various circumstances, including lower than expected entry numbers.

We do apologise to those athletes who this decision will impact. We remain committed to providing all athletes with opportunities to compete throughout 2021. As we know, remaining fluid throughout the next few months is a necessary requirement to achieve this. 

Again, we do apologise for this late timetable change, and we thank you for your support as we continue to provide events throughout the year.

The following protocols and processes will be in place for this Championships weekend.

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Event Attendance

There is a maximum of 1000 people permitted within the venue under the Tier 3 Public Events Framework.

Priority will be given to athletes who are competing this weekend. 

– Athletes 17 years and under can bring a parent/guardian and their coach.

– Athletes 18 years and over can bring one other person – either family member or coach.
We ask that you arrive at the venue at the same time.

For AA Coaches, we ask that if you have an athlete only competing in a morning or afternoon session that you assist by leaving the venue once your athlete has finished competing.  
We recommend where possible that Coaches check with their 18+ athletes and if athletes are attending without another person, to arrive with the 18+ athlete.

There will be additional capacity and we are required to monitor and keep records to ensure that we comply with the venue cap.

If at anytime during this weekend, we reach the maximum of 1000 during the event, entry will be suspended until other patrons have left the venue.

We ask all attendees to continue to observe and comply with restrictions.

Before Coming to Lakeside

All attendees must bring a mask. Masks will be required to be worn where physical distancing is not possible.

There will be appropriate signage and entry management protocols for entering Lakeside Stadium. Competitors must allow sufficient time to check-in, register for events and warm-up before their event time.

PLEASE NOTE: All athletes must check-in to the venue AND check-in and register for their events one (1) hour before event time. Please allow adequate time to move through all steps of the process.

Entering the Venue

For athletes, coaches and spectators, entry to Lakeside Stadium will be via Gate 1. All attendees will be required to check-in at Lakeside Stadium using the QR Code at entry. Please allow ample time to complete the entry process.

If you feel unwell or have any prescribed symptoms, please remain at home and immediately get tested. You can find your nearest testing site here. Please stay in isolation until you receive your tests results.

All attendees may be asked additional questions upon entering Lakeside Stadium. If anyone presents with symptoms or is deemed unwell, you will be required to leave the venue immediately. Your information and details of symptoms will be provided to the Department of Health and Human Services as part of the requirement for contact tracing.

Inside the Venue

Spectators are asked to limit their movement around the venue. Please ensure you sit only where marked to meet physical distancing requirements. There is adequate seating within the Lakeside Stadium to cater for the 1,000 person limit. 

Please remember to avoid queues and observe all signage within the venue. Masks must be worn where physical distancing cannot be achieved.

Spectators/Coaching – Interior fencing

Coaches and spectators will not be permitted along the internal fence line where track or field events are being conducted adjacent to the fence line.

Designated seating will be allocated for horizontal jumps on the back straight for coaches.

We need everyone’s help due to the proximity of athletes, officials and club helpers to ensure that we meet the physical distancing guidelines


Athletes must report to and sign in at the ATHLETE TIC AREA no later than ONE (1) HOUR before the start time of the first round of each event they have entered. 

Failure to do so may result in disqualification. A one-way system will be in operation, and athletes will be asked to present their bib number for viewing to the check-in official and declare all events they wish to compete. Please make sure you double-check with the official on hand to confirm all events before you exit.

If athletes are running late for any reason and wish to contact a member of the Athletics Victoria staff on the day, they can get 0447 202 160

Call Room

All athletes are required to report to the CALL ROOM before any event they are competing. (e.g. heats, semi-finals and finals). Athletes must be dressed in their competition uniform and ready to compete.

The Call Room times are:

Please note that ONLY ATHLETES and approved OFFICIALS will be allowed in the Call Room.
Any athlete who does not report to Call Room will be disqualified. In the case of a clash of events, athletes fill out a ‘Clash of Events’ form located in the Call Room.

Athletes will be marshalled, and their competition uniforms, bib number(s), hip numbers (if applicable), shoes and other equipment will be checked to ensure they comply with competition rules.
Athletes are not permitted to leave the Call Room once they have checked in until a Marshal accompanies athletes to the start line. Any athlete who does not proceed to the start of the event with the Marshal will not be allowed to compete.

If athletes arrive at the Call Room in the wrong uniform, they will be allowed one opportunity to go and change into the correct uniform to compete. If they do not have the proper uniform, they will not be eligible to compete in that event. The Call Room officials have discretion on this matter.

Please Note: Under current COVIDsafe Government guidelines, athletes must maintain social distancing at all times whilst under Call Room protocols. If social distancing cannot be maintained, a face covering must be worn.