Treat Your Mind and Body With Thanks to lululemon

For many people, our current restrictions can make us feel lonely, depressed and upset. It’s important to come back and do our best to focus on things we can do that may make us feel that little bit better.

With thanks to lululemon Emporium, you can join lululemon Emporium’s Store Ambassador, Ash Dickinson, for a complimentary 45-minute flow, relaxing your body and your mind tomorrow, September 1st. Conducted over Zoom you can have your screen on or off, whatever is most comfortable for you.

Ashleigh teaches with a playful heart and genuine enthusiasm for her students to feel empowered and achieve inner peace in her classes. Ashleigh’s intention for each class is for her students to walk away feeling more abundant, energised and have more strength on multiple levels to achieve unity across the body and the mind, on and off the yoga mat.

When: Wednesday, September 1st.

Time: 17:00 (5 pm)

Zoom Link: https://lululemon.zoom.us/my/stephcochrane

Password: 843323