Paralympics – Athlete Classifications

Competitors in track and field events are divided into several groups of classifications.

The first letter gives you T for a track event and an F for a field event.

A two-digit number is used — the first digit tells you the category of impairment and the second digit tells you the degree of impairment. Looking at the second number, the lower the number, the greater the degree of impairment.

T11-13: Athletes in these classifications have varying levels of visual impairment. Athletes in T (and F) 11 are required to wear eyeshades to ensure a fair competition. 

T20: Athletes have an intellectual impairment.

T/F 31-38: Athletes with cerebral palsy

  1. F31-34: These athletes compete in a seated position, in a throwing chair.
  2. T32-34: These athletes compete in wheelchair racing events.
  3. T35-38: These athletes compete in running events.
  4. F35-38: These athletes compete in standing events.
  5. T/F 40-41: Athletes with short stature.
  6. T/F 42-44: Athletes with impairment in one or both legs, often requiring a prosthetic. Also includes athletes with impaired muscle power, impaired range of movement or leg length differences.
  7. T45-47: Athletes with impairment in one or both arms.

T51-54: Wheelchair athletes

  1. T51-52 have impairment in upper and lower limbs, 
  2. T53 have fully functioning arms but no trunk function 
  3. T54 have partial trunk and leg functions.

F51-57: Wheelchair field athletes

  1. F51-53 have limited function in shoulders, arms and hands and no trunk or leg function, such as athletes with a spinal cord injury. 
  2. F54 have full arm and hand’s function.
  3. F55-57 have increasing levels of trunk and leg function.
  4. T/F 61-64 Athletes with a leg deficiency who compete with a prosthesis.

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