The Big V Returns To All Schools

After a 3-year hiatus, the Australian All Schools Track and Field Championships returns to Athletics Australia’s calendar of events in 2022. The pièce de résistance of secondary school Track and Field in the country, this event sees the top 2 ranked athletes from each state battle it out across a 3-day championship. 231 talented and optimistic Victorian athletes will be representing the Big V in Adelaide, South Australia from December 9th-11th hoping to return home with a swag of medals.

“It is fantastic to see National All Schools return, it has always been a great celebration of young, up-and-coming talent. There have been some outstanding individual performances witnessed at All Schools from previous years, that have been the first step of success for many of our current Open athletes.

It is also such a perfect reward for the students to participate in a high-performance meet, once all their exams and school commitments have completed. What a great opportunity for these athletes to finish 2022 on a positive note.”

– Tom Gamble, State Team Manager

On behalf of everyone here at AV, we wish you all the very best in your competition.

Venue: SA Athletics Stadium, Adelaide, South Australia

Date:  Friday 9th – Sunday 11th December 2022

Timetable: Click Here to View (updated 21.09.22)

Full Team List:

U14 Girls

100m: Rebecca Hvalica, Ariela Sprague

200m: Ishara Ross, Ariela Sprague

400m: Kaydence Fleming, Erin Limpens

800m: Madigan Carroll, Grace Graafsma

1500m: Madigan Carroll, Grace Graafsma

3000m Walk: Mietta Morgan, Kate Wilson

80m Hurdles: Lacey Williams, Laura Wong

Discus: Emily McKinley, Lilly Price

Hammer: Matilda Bennett, Hanna Rowe

High Jump: Stephanie Orr, Kate Wilson

Javelin: Ines Canton-Smith, Ella Leith

Long Jump: Eve Fumberger, Jasmine Giret

Pole Vault: Allegria Basile, Jamison Harding

Shot Put: Tahlia D’Apolito, Emily McKinley

Triple Jump: Eve Fumberger, Cailin Walker

U14 Boys

100m: Cooper Brancatisano, Ashvin Jayawardena

200m: Cooper Brancatisano, Zulq Haider

400m: Zulq Haider, Matthew Milias

800m: Finn Johnston, Thomas Linnett

1500m: Finn Kane, Thomas Linnett

3000m Walk: Damian Baldy, Max Davidson

90m Hurdles: Zulq Haider, Matthew Milias

Discus: Theodore Eliadis, Lachlan Gumley

Hammer: Jack Berry, Kai Norton

High Jump: Harrison Dolman, Rupert Roydhouse

Javelin: Brandon Cvetanoski, Kai Norton

Long Jump: Harrison Dolman, Matthew Milias

Pole Vault: Lachlan Gumley, Zach Sandison

Shot Put: Theodore Eliadis, Kai Norton

Triple Jump: Brandon Cvetanoski, Ashvin Jayawardena

U15 Girls

100m: Grace Crowe, Maddy Meagher

100m Para: Alice Huddy, Kirra Wright

200m: Mackayla Culvenor, Maddy Meagher

200m Para: Alice Huddy, Kirra Wright

400m: Jazmin Firth, Honour Tobin

800m: Isla Bradshaw, Honour Tobin

800m Para: Ava Campbell, Alice Huddy

1500m: Madison King, Sienna Rowe

3000m: Madison King

90m Hurdles: Amy FitzGerald, Charli Sullivan

200m Hurdles: Charli Sullivan, Lacey Williams

2000m Steeple: Tacy Kremers de Boer, Monique Williams

Discus: Jazmin Firth, Jessica Nolan

Hammer: Chantelle Leslie-Hughes, Hailey Stubbs

High Jump: Ella Duncan, Sasha Jurson

Javelin: Jasmine King, Jessica Nolan

Long Jump: Amy FitzGerald, Jamison Towers

Long Jump Para: Alice Huddy, Kirra Wright

Shot Put: Alice Ludlow, Imogen Makin

Shot Put Para: Kirra Wright, Ava Campbell

Triple Jump: Mackayla Culvenor, Amy FitzGerald

U15 Boys

100m: William Hurt, Miller Smith

100m Para: Tom Roach, Hamish Sommerfeld

200m: William Hurt, Finn Quinn

200m Para: Bradley McMeeken, Hamish Sommerfeld

400m: Mark Mavrakis, Tobias Servin

800m: Archie Mattsson, Brady Ryan

1500m: Bart Leeton, Avery McDermid

3000m: Alec Franzke, Bart Leeton

100m Hurdles: Cooper Bertram, Miller Smith

200m Hurdles: Mark Mavrakis, Miller Smith

2000m Steeple: Callum Settle, Riley Shillito

Discus: Johannes Thokchom, Maddox Wilson

Discus Para: Tom Roach

High Jump: Guy Williams, Maddox Wilson

Javelin: Benjamin Feeney, Heath Fox

Long Jump: Jasper Louey, Josiah Stanford

Long Jump Para: Tom Roach, Hamish Sommerfeld

Pole Vault: Cooper Bertram, Rhys Hansen

Shot Put: Paora Okirua, Austin Tyers

Shot Put Para: Tom Roach, Hamish Sommerfeld

Triple Jump: Jasper Louey, Orlando Phanivong

U16 Girls

100m: Armani Anderson, Isabella Tarr

200m: Armani Anderson, Isabella Tarr

400m: Lily-Bella Hilli, Isabella Tarr

800m: Declyn Tanner

1500m: Hannah Rusmir, Hayley Whitsed

3000m: Hayley Whitsed

90m Hurdles: Shakira Harding, Sienna McDonald

200m Hurdles: Shakira Harding, Jamieson Lander

3000m Walk: Brooklyn Towler

Discus: Alyssa Benbow

Hammer: Ebony Barnet, Alyssa Benbow

High Jump: Eliza Chivers, Sienna McDonald

Javelin: Alyssa Benbow

Long Jump: Sarai Hughes, Isabella Tarr

Pole Vault: Sukhnoor Rangi, Khushnoor Rangi

Shot Put: Alyssa Benbow, Emma Walley

Triple Jump: Hailey Buckley, Sarai Hughes

U16 Boys

100m: Nicholas Goodman, Corey Mason

200m: Caleb Kilpatrick, Elias Oldfield

400m: Austin Fernando Mc-Hugh, Caleb Kilpatrick

800m: Joshua Unthank, Jackson Unthank

1500: Charles Barrett, Joshua Unthank

3000m: Charles Barrett

100m Hurdles: Jack Brewster, Hudson McKay

200m Hurdles: Quinn Harvey, Ethan Stegehuis

2000m Steeple: Charles Barrett, Andre Maillardet

3000m Walk: Riley Coughlan

Discus: Asher Andrews, Jace Murray

Hammer: Lachlan McGowan, Bruno Parfitt

High Jump: Bailey Dickens, Liam Shadbolt

Javelin: Asher Andrews, Milun Fernando

Long Jump: Raveen Alwis, Asher Andrews

Shot Put: Angus Hay, Eden Smith

Triple Jump: Quinn Harvey, Jeeva Vijayagopal

U17 Girls

100m: Grace Kelly, Miriam Suares-Jury

100m Para: Harriet McCorkell

200m: Amali Butcher, Grace Kelly

400m: Ida Laherty, Bella Pasquali

800m: Elly Fleming, Cleo Richardson

1500m: Cleo Richardson, Tanasha Santosh

3000m: Matilda L’Estrange

100m Hurdles: Amali Butcher, Amelia Smith

400m Hurdles: Erin Foley, Elli Symonds

2000m Steeple: Freya Brown, Charlotte Jackson

5000m Walk: Maddison Nash

Discus: Mariah Pezos, Bridie Shanahan

Hammer: Eva Wilson, Melanie Wooding

High Jump: Charli Ratcliffe, Teagan Zurawel

Javelin: Abi Bolmat, Dakira Cooper

Long Jump: Molly Fraser, Elli Symonds

Shot Put: Abi Bolmat, Elli Symonds

Shot Put Para: Harriet McCorkell

Triple Jump: Molly Fraser, Elli Symonds

U17 Boys

100m: Jaydon Nti, William Wong

100m Para: Leopold Reeve, Jordan Swansborough

200m: Max Franklin, Jordan Gilbert

200m Para: Leopold Reeve, Jordan Swansborough

400m: Jordan Gilbert, Joshua Sullivan

800m: Daniel Chiba-Lynch, Dilan Egodawatte

800m Para: Angus Murrie, Leopold Reeve

1500m: Dilan Egodawatte, Hamish Terris

3000m: Harrison Car

110m Hurdles: Max Franklin, William Wong

5000m Walk: Zachary Matters, Marcus Wakim

Discus: Jake Gavriliadis, Mackenzie Leith

Discus Para: Liam Costello

Hammer: Matthew Vanotti

High Jump: Lucas Faber, Marley McCombe

Javelin: Xavier Pitt, Joshua Sanders

Long Jump: Joshua Sanders, Joshua Sullivan

Long Jump Para: Liam Costello, Leopold Reeve

Pole Vault: Noah Burns, Johnny Suares

Shot Put: Jake Gavriliadis, Joshua Sanders

Shot Put Para: Liam Costello, Jeffery Walker

Triple Jump: Joshua Sanders, Joshua Sullivan

U18 Girls

100m: Layla Watson, Madison Wright

200m: Chloe Kinnersly, Layla Watson

400m: Amelie Holah, Layla Watson

800m: Kiara Flavel, Bridie Hill

1500m: Kiara Flavel, Bridie Hill

100m Hurdles: Amelie Holah, Holly Nieuwenhuizen

400m Hurdles: Kyla Chapman, Amelie Holah

2000m Steeple: Madeline Laven, Louisa Lazar

Discus: Elise Keeghan, Jayde Parsons

Hammer: Sarah Ebbels

High Jump: Sophie Zarafa

Javelin: Eliza Hynes, Elise Keeghan

Long Jump: Madison Wright, Sophie Zarafa

Pole Vault: Chantel Glogolja, Aranya Manchanayake

Shot Put: Elise Keeghan, Chloe Symington

Triple Jump: Neha Liyanage, Sophie Zarafa

U18 Boys

100m: Frankleen Newah-Jarfoi, Matthew Parrott

200m: Samuel Elvey, Patrick Poulter

400m: Samuel Elvey, Luke Mensink

800m: Wolfgang Cotra-Nemesi, Remy Williams

1500m: Wolfgang Cotra-Nemesi, Remy Williams

3000m: Sam Albiston, Wolfgang Cotra-Nemesi

110m Hurdles: Angus Watson

400m Hurdles: Alex Shears-Jones, Kohen Umezu

2000m Steeple: Jack Ellis, Aidan Velten

5000m Walk: Eden Morgan, Scott Peart

Discus: Darcy Giddings, Ben Locke

Hammer: Darcy Giddings, Ben Locke

High Jump: Lachlan O’keefe, Arona Tuitea

Javelin: Dude Kelly

Long Jump: Jude Gerogievski, Joshua Payne

Pole Vault: Campbell Braden, Sam Warelow

Shot Put: Darcy Giddings, Ben Locke

Triple Jump: Charlie Thompson

U20 Girls

Discus Para: Ella Hose

Discus Shot Put: Ella Hose

U20 Boys

100m Para: Will Clemens

200m Para: Will Clemens

Discus Para: Will Clemens

Long Jump: Will Clemens

Shot Put: Will Clemens