Level 2 Advanced Part B Throws

Course Fee for Part B only – $192.50

This is the second Part of the Level 2 Advanced qualification in the event group of Throws. 

To undertake Level 2 Advanced – Part B Throws, you must already have completed Level 2 Advanced Part A or Level 3.

This event group focuses on developing your coaching skills in the areas of Shot Put, Discus, Javelin and introduces you to coaching Hammer.

This course is a mix of practical and theory and offers a variety of skills and drills to develop the technical model in all Throws events.

This course is ideal for those wishing to specialise in the area of throws and working with athletes aged 12 and up.

Pre requisite for this course is to be Level 2 Intermediate Club coach, as well as having already completed Level 2 Advanced Part A, or be a Level 3 coach in another event group.

Level 2 Advanced Part A

On this link you are registering for Level 2 Advanced Event Group Specific Part A –  this is the first part of a two part course.

Level 2 Advacned Event Group Specific is delivered in two parts – Part A and Part B.  The full course has the following requirements:

Course Length: 4 Hours Pre-Course Work + 16 Hours Face-to-Face (Practical and Theory) + 6 Hours Post-Course Work

Pre-requisites Part A: Current holder of Level 2 Intermediate Club Coach and have held this qualification for 12 months. 

Pre-requisities Part B: Level 2 Advanced Coach Part A or accredited at Level 3 or above

Pathways: Successful participants are eligible to apply for Level 3 IAAF Coach courses. 

Cost: $192.50

Course Details

The ‘Level 2 Advanced Coach’ level of accreditation gives coaches the opportunity to begin to specialise in either ‘Sprints, Relays, & Hurdles,’ ‘Middle & Long Distance,’ ‘Jumps,’ ‘Throws,’ or ‘Race Walking.’ The course comprises of two days of face-to-face training in addition to pre-course and post-course assessment. 

The course is divided between Part A (day one) and Part B (day two) of face-to-face learning. Part A is for all event groups and covers topics including the essence of coaching, development & maturation, general conditioning, skill acquisition, inclusive coaching, planning and evaluating progress. Part B is event-group specific and covers the coaching and technical analysis of your chosen event group. 



Level 2 Advanced Sprints, Relays & Hurdles

Pre-requisite for this course is Level 2 Advanced Part A. Any queries accreditation please contact Lisa Verstraten at lisa@athsvic.org.au

This one day Level 2 Advanced  Part B SHR Coaching course gives coaches the opportunity to begin to specialise in sprints, relays and hurdles. 

This course is certified by Athletics Australia and the Australian Sports Commission’s National Coach Accreditation Scheme

Requirements for successful completion of the Course:

All Part A pre and post work requirements, Level 1 ASADA Online Course within two weeks of completing Park B, completion of a six (6) week training program within two weeks of completing Part B


All participants must be financial with Athletics Australia

Level 1 Community Athletics Coaching Course

Course and Resources Fee – $220 includes first year of coach registration with Athletics Australia

This course is the novice and entry level of Athletics Australia’s Coach Accreditation Framework.

The Level 1 Community Athletics Coach course is designed to:

• Develop the general principles of coaching: communication, group management, safety, organisation & instruction.
• Provide practical coaching strategies to encourage the development of the sport’s fundamental skills -running, jumping and throwing.

There is pre-course work for this course which can be accessed via the following link https://athletics.canopihr.com.au/auth/login/?returnUrl=%2F

The two units to undertake are Community Coaching General Principles and Play by the Rules, Child Protection module (found on page 4 of the menu)

You need to set up a login and then enrol in the two modules – they are both free of charge.