Victorian All Schools Cross Country Relay Championships

Date: Saturday 15th May 2021

Entries Close: Monday 10th May 2021, 11:59am (Midday)

Location: Norton’s Park, Wantirna, VIC 3152

Thank you for your entry into the 2021 Athletics Victoria Cross Country Relay Championships to be held at at Nortons Park.

Please ensure that you review all the important information below.

Team Manager Contacts:

  • AV require mobile numbers of all team managers to allow contact if any changes to the event need to be made due to the forecasted weather conditions. Please submit your team managers names and contact numbers via sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au
  • If portions of the course are deemed unsafe due to the weather conditions, shorter race distances may be implemented.
  • AV will review the weather forecast Friday evening as well as completing a review of weather and course conditions Saturday morning. Any changes to the competition due to conditions will be communicated via text message to the provided Team Manager contacts.

Entry List:

  • Entry lists are now available in the Important Information section of this page. If you believe your entries are incorrect please contact AV via email sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au or call (03) 7032 8403 immediately and leave a voice message.

Car Parking:

  • Car parking is available in the allocated parking area only. These are located within the Norton’s Park off Nortons Lane as well as at Napier Park.
  • There is strictly no parking in the parkland area. Athletics Victoria is not responsible for any parking tickets that may be issued.

Venue Entry & Check in:

  • This competition will still be conducted under COVID safe practices. As such, all athletes and spectators will be required to enter the competition area via the marked entry, located at the Southern Carpark of Nortons Park
  • Schools will be required to hand a list of all attending students and staff to administration for contact tracing purposes. This can be submitted by email to sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au prior to the meet.
  • All other patrons will be required to check in using the CS Sports COVIDsafe app (Venue ID VICA38 – AV Community Cross Country). Manual check in will be available at administration to those who do not have capacity to use the electronic service.

School Tents:

  • All school tents must be secured by weights only. The School Tent zone will be located south of the path into Nortons Park from the Southern Carpark.

School Helpers:

  • Please contact Craig Morrow (craig@athsvic.org.au) if you have any questions regarding communicated school helper duties. Officials and school helpers are required to sign in at administration by 9.15 am with the first race to commence at 10.00am. All helpers will be given a voucher for the coffee van on upon sign in, with light snacks made available.
  • Schools failing to provide the required number of club helpers may have their teams disqualified.
  • Please view the Important Information section below for school helper duties.
  • As we move toward a more electronic way of staging XCR relay events, the burden on officials and schools will begin to decrease. For this meet, schools will be required to supply helpers as per the duty roster, however, will no longer need to provide manual timekeepers for each of their teams.

Race Pack Collection:

  • School representatives will be able to collect race packs from administration no earlier than 8:30am. These packs include team sheets, an electronic timing tag per team and team relay bibs.

Team Sheets:

  • Team managers will be required to complete a team sheet advising Athletics Victoria of their student’s name and date of birth. Team sheets are to be submitted to the Athletics Victoria administration tent at the earliest possible opportunity to allow for timely presentation of medals and publication of results. Please ensure sheets are filled out clearly and neatly to enable accurate data entry.
  • Schools can submit their team sheets electronically prior to event day (For your school’s team sheet, please see the Important Information section below). Any school wishing to submit electronically must do so by midday, Friday 14/05 to sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au
  • Date of birth is taken from 31 December, 2021. Please check athletes are competing in the correct age group for their event.
Age GroupYear of BirthRelay LengthCourse Laps
U142008, 2009 & 20104x3km1x3km
U162006, 20074x3km1x3km
U182004, 20054x4km1x1km & 1x3km
U202002, 20034x4km1x1km & 1x3km
  • If sheets are not handed into the AV Admin area your team will not be entered into the results.

Relay Bibs:

  • Colour coded laminated numbers will be used to identify competitors in each age group:
U14 Boys & GirlsU16 Boys & GirlsU18 Boys & GirlsU20 Boys & Girls
  • Coded numbers identifying age group will be used, i.e. ‘16’ for U16, ‘20’ for U20 and then the team number will be the ‘1’, ‘2’ – ‘40’ next to the age group number for example 14.1 or 14.40.
  • All relay identification numbers must be worn on the FRONT and BACK of each competitor’s uniform. Each schools team will have their own bib number with athletes 1 & 3 wearing the same numbers and athletes 2 & 4 wearing the other numbers during their leg of the relay.
  • Included in the school race pack will be a list of teams and their respective identification number. Please ensure that the correct identification number is distributed to teams.
  • Teams are expected to return all relay bibs to administration upon conclusion of their race.

Electronic Timing Tags:

  • This year will see the full implementation of electronic timing.
  • Each team will be allocated a numerically identified timing tag in their race pack which will be passed between team members like a relay baton.
  • Included in the school race pack will be a list of teams and their respective electronic timing tag number. Please ensure that the correct electronic timing tag is distributed to teams.
  • Teams are expected to return all electronic timing tags to administration upon conclusion of their race. Please note that an $80 replacement fee will be invoiced to the school for any electronic timing tags not returned.

School Team Manager Briefing:

  • There will be a school team manager briefing held at 9.30am at the starting line area:
  • One representative from each school will need to attend and this is the time to ask any questions regarding the day to the competition director


10:00amU16 Boys, U14 Boys, U16 Girls, U14 Girls4x3km (1x3km Lap per athlete)
11:30amU20 Boys, U18 Boys, U20 Girls, U18 Girls4x4km (1x1km Lap & 1x3km Lap per athlete)
  • There will be a staggered start due to entry numbers, with age groups starting 1 minute apart in the order listed in the timetable above. (Eg. U16 boys start at 10:00am, U14 boys start at 10:01am, etc.)
  • Presentations will be carried out following the verification of all results.

Course Map:

  • The athletes will also be running in a clockwise direction as noted in the map here. There will be a run through area for the U18 and U20 athletes to progress through after completing their first lap. No run through will need to occur for the U14 and U16 age groups.
  • There must only be 2 athletes from a team in each age group on the course at the one time (example runner 1 who is running and runner 2 who is waiting in the changeover area). This is for safety reasons for all athletes running through the changeover area.

First Aid:

  • St Johns will be on site throughout the day. They will be situated at the start/finish line. If anyone needs first aid please ask an official/club helper to radio through and first aid will be out to help.

Food Vendor:

  • Mocha Monkey will be on site selling coffee, muffins and snacks on the day.

Weather Policy:

  • Athletics Victoria has a wet/warm weather policy in place for the upcoming XCR’21 season. Please note we will let Team Managers know any information regarding this before the day or make announcements on the morning of the event. Please listen out for these throughout the day for any extreme weather announcements.

Upcoming Events:

  • Check out the Victorian All Schools Cross Country Championships and Victorian Team Selection Trials here! Entries for this meet will open soon.

Important Information:

Entry Lists (12/05)School Helper DutiesWord Document Team Sheets Check In WebpageXCR’21 Handbook (Updated 19.05.21)ResultsHubAV Rules and PoliciesDHHS Guidelines for Sport and Exercise

If you have issues entering the event please contact Athletics Victoria PRIOR to the closing date. This can be done via email to sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au or by phoning the Athletics Victoria office on 7032 8403 (Craig Wallace). Please leave a message explaining the issues you are experiencing. Athletics Victoria will not accept any late entries. Emails received after the closing date will not be accepted.

NOTE: Please be aware that following the closure of entries, AV will publish a provisional timetable which will take the place of the Draft Timetable.