Rare Air Club – High Jump

(included in VMC World Athletics Permits)

MeetDateStart TimeVenueEntries CloseWorld Athletics Permit 2023
1Tues 24th January6pmBox Hill9am – Monday 23rd January Closed*
2Thurs 9th February6pmTBC – Doncaster11.59am (Midday) – Monday 6th FebruaryClosed*
3Thurs 16th March6pmDoncaster11.59am (Midday) – Monday 13th MarchClosed*
*For results to be World Athletics ratified, three athletes are required to participate in the competition. E.G Three Male athletes to allow the results to be accepted, but if only one female athlete participates this will not be ratified. We will attempt where possible to ensure there is at least three athletes in each gender where possible.

Please note limited positions will be available each meet. Only the top six male and female athletes will be accepted to participated. If an athlete does not get selected for the event, a refund will be processed. (A maximum of 12 athletes will be accepted, and if not all positions are filled by one gender, the positions will be filled by the other gender)

To ensure Open and U20 athletes the best opportunity to perform at the World Athletics Sanctioned meets there will be entry standards required to participate.

Entry Standard1.85m1.55m
Start Height Meet 11.76m1.41m
Start Height Meet 21.77m1.42m
Start Height Meet 31.78m1.43m
*Progressions will be at 5cm

2023 World Athletics Permit Meets

Rare Air meets listed with the World Athletics Permit logo above will be ratified by World Athletics and Athletics Australia. Athletes competing in these field sheets can qualify for international and national competition, accumulate World Athletics ranking points, break Athletics Victoria and Athletics Australian records, and have their performances added to World Athletics top lists. 

All other events will be ratified as a state permit, allowing athletes to qualify for the National Championships.

SHOE DECLARATION – National Permit Meets

As all Rare Air – High Jump meets are National Permit meets, Open & U20 athletes are required to complete an AV online Shoe Declaration Form prior to their first Rare Air – High Jump meet. Any State Record, National Record or International qualifying performance will not be ratified without a Shoe Declaration being submitted.

Athletes are to wear shoes that comply with the World Athletics Shoe Rule. For a current list of compliant shoes, please download the latest list: https://worldathletics.org/about-iaaf/documents/technical-information

All Open & U20 Athletes inclusive of Para athletes, attempting a State Record, National Record or International qualifier MUST complete a shoe declaration form prior to participation at an Rare Air – High Jump meet.

Please complete the online form HERE prior to the event!