AV Throwers

AVT is a specialist throwing competition, enabling athletes to challenge themselves whilst being supported by their peers who are the best in the field.


Thank you to Dale Stevenson and Geelong Athletics who will be holding two winter AV Throwers meets in June for Discus, Shot Put and Hammer Throw.

Event DateEventsEntries CloseEntry Link
Saturday 10th JuneShot Put, Discus, Hammer11:59am (Midday) Wednesday 7th June Click Here
Saturday 17th JuneShot Put, Discus, Hammer11:59am (Midday) Wednesday 14th June Click Here
*Please note these events will not be World Permit Meets and will be run as State Permit Meets (allow for qualification to National Championships)

Please read below the Competition Entry Requirements and Competition Rules for these two meets.

Competition Entry Requirements

  • Discus and Hammer will be limited to 10 athletes.
  • Shot Put will be limited to 16 athletes.
  • Athletes must have reached the qualification standards after 1st January 2022 to be eligible to enter.
  • Where possible an even split between male and female athletes will be provided (five male and five females in Discus & Hammer, eight male and eight female in Shot Put)
  • If not enough of one gender enter, the other gender will fill positions available.
  • If the limit of athletes is reached, those athletes that are using the competition as preparation for athletes headed to World Champs, World Paras, World Uni will be prioritised. Following this, allocation of positions will be based off best distance achieved from the 1st of January 2022 irrelevant of implement weight or championship results. Those athletes that do not have the opportunity to compete will be provided a refund of their entry fee.
  • Athletes must be 16 as of the 31st of December 2023 to enter.
  • Athletes must be current AV members to compete.

Qualification Standards

Qual Distance (m)Qual Distance (m)
Shot Put
Qual Distance (m)Qual Distance (m)
Hammer Throw
Qual Distance (m)Qual Distance (m)
Discus, Shot Put & Hammer Para Athletes
% Based off AA Baseline Scoring


  • Athletes will be provided a minimum of two warm up throws.
  • Athletes will be provided with three competition throws. Following this, the top three athletes for male and female competitors will receive an additional three throws
  • If there are para-athletes participating in the discipline, the highest scoring para-athlete in each gender will be offered an additional 3 throws.
  • If an athlete that is participating in one of the international events listed previously and are not eligible for the additional three throws via the above will also be provided an additional three throws.

For further queries please reach out to Dale Stevenson (dale@drsperformance.com.au)

SHOE DECLARATION – National Permit Meets

As all AV Throwers meets are National Permit meets, Open & U20 athletes are required to complete an AV online Shoe Declaration Form prior to their first AV Throwers meet. Any State Record, National Record or International qualifying performance will not be ratified without a Shoe Declaration being submitted.

Athletes are to wear shoes that comply with the World Athletics Shoe Rule. For a current list of compliant shoes, please download the latest list: https://worldathletics.org/about-iaaf/documents/technical-information

All Open & U20 Athletes inclusive of Para athletes, attempting a State Record, National Record or International qualifier MUST complete a shoe declaration form prior to participation at an AV Throwers meet.

Please complete the online form HERE prior to the event!

Results for all AV Throwers meets will be available through Athletics Victoria’s results service, ResultsHub