AV Throwers

AV Throwers

AVT is a specialist throwing competition, enabling athletes to challenge themselves whilst being supported by their peers who are the best in the field.

There will be five (5) meets held over the 2019/2020 summer season. Numbers will be capped per event with top seeded athletes taking preference.

Your entry fee provides set up/pack up of the sector, officials sanctioning the event (National level), weighing of implements and a comfortable shaded, seated viewing position to regroup between throws.

Feel free to bring a plate and thermos of coffee to share with athletes and families in the Throwers Grandstand!

To apply for entry email victhrows@gmail.com and include your name, age group, AV number, PB and weight of implement for all of the events you wish to enter.

Entries are charged at $10 for the first event and $5 for each other event you have entered on the day.

Entries will be finalised 72 hours before the start time of the event. A confirmation email list of entered athletes will be forwarded to all applicants. This will enable you to see if you have been entered into an event or are on a waitlist.

Meet Rules:

  • Top 10 entries accepted in each event based on Seasons Best, considered regardless of implement weight and age
  • Para athletes to be included as 11th or 12th thrower
  • Payment in cash on the day. $10 for 1st Event and $5 per event thereafter
  • Everyone will receive 6 throws
  • Participants must be registered with an AV or Interstate club
  • Participants must wear BIB numbers however club uniform is not required
  • Early meets in 2019 will be sanctioned to achieve Vic Records and Qualifying Distances for State Team Applications
  • Participants requiring International Event Qualifiers must notify meet organisers ASAP of when the event qualifying cut off is. It is proposed that later in the season, March 2020, due to new IAAF Rules, an event may be applied for, for this purpose with AA.
  • For more information head to the AVT Facebook Page


AVT1Sunday 13th October 2019Ringwood1pm: Hammer
2pm: Shot/Javelin
3pm: Discus
AVT2Thursday 28th November 2019Ringwood6pm: Hammer
7pm: Shot/Javelin
8pm: Discus
AVT3Sunday 19th January 2020Doncaster1pm: Hammer
2pm: Shot/Javelin
3pm: Discus
AVT4Sunday 23rd February 2020Doncaster1pm: Hammer
2pm: Shot/Javelin
3pm: Discus
AVT5Thursday 12th March 2020Doncaster6pm: Hammer
7pm: Shot
7:30pm: Discus