AV Throwers Meet 1

Date: Saturday 8th January 2022

Location: Lakeside Stadium

AVT is a specialist throwing competition, enabling athletes to challenge themselves whilst being supported by their peers who are the best in the field.


Shot Put – 4.45pm (Location: Warm Up Area)

Hammer – 6.00pm (Location: Inside Cage)

*Please note that this event and its offerings are subject to change in alignment with advice from the Victorian Government

Concurrent Competitions

This event is being held in conjunction with the Victorian State Combined Events Championship, HVC and Rare Air.  As the Combined Events competition is a State Championship, these events will take precedence for event sites, both track & field and may delay the start of the HVC, AV Throwers or Rare Air events.  We have timetabled the events so that there are no delays, however circumstances on the day may mean there could be a delay. However, to keep the program running to time, start times will not be held for late athletes.

SHOE DECLARATION – National Permit Meets

As all HVC meets are National Permit meets, Open & U20 athletes are required to complete an AV online Shoe Declaration Form prior to their first HVC meet. Any State Record, National Record or International qualifying performance will not be ratified without a Shoe Declaration being submitted.

Athletes are to wear shoes that comply with the World Athletics Shoe Rule. For a current list of compliant shoes, please download the latest list: World Athletics Shoe Compliance List (as of 17 December 2021)

All Open & U20 Athletes inclusive of Para athletes, attempting a State Record, National Record or International qualifier MUST complete a shoe declaration form prior to participation at an AV Throwers meet.

If you have not previously provided a shoe declaration or are going to be using a different pair of shoes please complete the online form HERE by 5pm 7th of January or by printing off a copy of the AV Shoe Declaration Form and bring it to Athlete Check-in while you check-in to the venue.

Venue Entry

Entry will be via the Gate 1 at the North East corner of the venue. You will need to QR check in using the Service Victoria App upon entering the venue.

Implement Check In

If you are intending to use a personal implement, please check it in with the Technical Manager at the Tech Shed 1 hour prior to the start of the event.

Athlete Check In

There will be no athlete check in process for this event. Athletes will be required to report to their event site no later than 10 minutes prior to their scheduled event start time. All registered AV athletes will be required to wear their 2021/22 season bibs. Invitational Athletes who do not have current AV bibs will be able to collect a temporary set at the main entry gate.


If you intend to scratch from an event, could you please notify me by return email prior to 5pm on Friday the 7th of December.


This competition will be following current Covid-Safe guidelines.  We encourage all patrons to bring a mask if you cannot physically distance.  If you do feel unwell, please follow the DHHS guidelines. 

Important Information:

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