Changes to Coaching and Training

A series of new restrictions will take effect across the country from midnight tonight.

Indoor and outdoor meetings will be limited to a maximum of two people, with a few exceptions.
Please find the link to the National Cabinet Statement on coronavirus (COVID-19) overnight:

You can view the latest Victorian directives and information here:

Athletics Victoria urges compliance with local and federal government advice and in particular the practice of social distancing and hygiene measures. We are continuing to share articles which encourage workouts in the current climate across our social channels and urge you to share yours on our new Facebook group, which you can join here:

Finally, Coronavirus Australia has launched and is available from the Apple App Store and on Google Play, along with the Government’s new WhatsApp feature, which the Prime Minister said would “Assist you to get accurate and timely information about what is being done by governments around the country to support you, as you and your family and your household and your community work through the difficult months ahead because of the coronavirus.” 

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Athletics Victoria.