Bibs Information

This page will provide you with all of the information you need regarding your bibs for the season.

In 2022/23 there will no longer be cloth bibs, but rather the bibs for the XCR season are a stronger material designed to last for a whole year.

Club admins and team managers cannot view members’ bib numbers on revSPORT, so please contact if you need to know the bib number of your members.

What is a bib number?

You are allocated a unique 4-digit number at the beginning of each membership season. This 4-digit number is you ‘bib’ number, and you will receive 1 electronic timing bib each season.

You will find your bib number in your member portal profile at:

Why do I need a bib?

The electronic timing bib is a very important way to time your cross country races – we have sensors set up at the finish line that will track your unique time and help us to upload this to ResultsHUB.

Additionally, officials and volunteer helpers need to be able to clearly identify our participants for various reasons.

How do I get my bibs?

If you have registered before June 28 2022 and have not collected your bib in the first four rounds of XCR, your bib will be posted to the address linked to your registration on June 29 2022. If your club admin did not return your bib to AV staff after XCR4 then they are responsible for you getting your bib, and may be charged the replacement fee if the bib is lost.

Please contact your club in the first instance regarding your bibs and where they are.
There will be an admin desk set up at select XCR and AVSL events throughout the 2022/23 season where individuals can collect their bibs.

I have lost my bib and will need a replacement

Do not stress about this! You will be able to order a replacement bib through the revSPORT portal under the Shop tab.
To find your bib number, see this video.