AVSL 2021/22 Season Launch

October 15, 2021.
Note: information on this page is +10 days old. Some restrictions and timelines have changed. Please see our news section here for up-to-date information. If there is no new information at this time, please see the DHHS page here.

The Victorian Government recently announced its roadmap to deliver the National COVID Plan, setting out the path to opening.

Based on this Roadmap, Athletics Victoria is excited to announce an anticipated return to the summer competition on Saturday, 13 November 2021. This information is based on Victorian Government projections that Victoria will reach 80% fully vaccinated by 5 November. However, this date is subject to change based on vaccination rates and government targets.

The information to be provided by the government will dictate the format and capacity limits of the summer season. In the coming weeks, this information will be released to Athletics Victoria in the Restricted Activity Directions for Sport. Please note that until this time, entry to AVSL rounds is not yet open. 

Some forms of training are currently permitted in metropolitan and regional areas. However, the conditions for training in these regions are different, and people should familiarise themselves with the definition of exercise and PT/coaching.

As of 14 October – For Regional directions – click here. 

  1. No double vaccination requirement for the current training allowances in the Regional area. 
  2. Group size restrictions in place.
  3. Personal training sessions and boot camp are allowed outside in groups of up to 10 participants plus one trainer.
  4. Personal trainers and boot camp operators must confirm that participants are not residents of metropolitan Melbourne (or Mitchell Shire and Mildura Rural City Council).
  5. Attendance records must be kept at all times.

As of 14 October – For Metropolitan directions – click here. 

  1. To qualify as a Personal Trainer or Sports Coach, you must have your own ABN (Australian Business Number) or work under a company with an ABN. Only personal trainers/coaches with a listed ABN are permitted to coach at this time and must comply with all other personal training government guidelines. 
  2. Outdoor personal training is allowed for up to 5 people plus the personal trainer if everyone, including the personal trainer, is fully vaccinated, or up to 2 people plus the personal trainer if any of the participants or the personal trainer has only received the first vaccination dose, or are not vaccinated. The personal trainer must confirm evidence of clients’ full vaccination status for record-keeping if engaging in outdoor personal training services in a group of five people.
  3. There is no limit to the number of training groups that can take place at one time; however, the personal trainer/coach must maintain no intermixing of the groups and cannot appoint another coach trainer to supervise. Group size limits are listed and must be adhered to as above. 
  4. All personal trainers/sport coaches who have an ABN MUST keep a true and confidential record of all attendees each time a session is operated. This includes a record of single and double vaccinated certifications. 
  5. Equipment sheds must remain closed until DHHS provides further advice.
  6. Indoor facilities must remain closed, excluding toilets, where check-in is required with the Service Victoria App.
  7. Athletics Victoria is not in a position to provide working exemptions at this stage. Please direct all queries relating to work permits to the relevant Victorian Government contacts starting with the dedicated coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398.

Below are the key roadmap milestones and dates in our current plans, which will be used to confirm the AV Summer season schedule in the coming weeks.

26th -29th October – 70% of eligible Victorians fully vaccinated

  1. Community Sport return to training commences in Metropolitan Melbourne
  2. On course for the beginning summer competition on the 13 November 2021 (Format TBC)

5 November – 80% of eligible Victorians fully vaccinated

  1. Commence summer competition on the 13 November 2021 (Format TBC)

Please see below for a complete list of summer Championship and AVSL fixtures. Specialist events will be added at a later date. Clubs who wish to hold a meet and require AV assistance can do so via the club event form here which will be reviewed accordingly. 

See the 2021/22 Season AVSL Calendar here.

AV General Manager Sport Delivery and Government Ross Cunningham said he was excited to see community sport back in action.

“There is no doubt the past 18 months have been challenging. However, the roadmap gave us the confidence to complete the plans that will form our summer season. We are filled with enthusiasm at delivering athletics back to the communities that have missed the better part of 18 months of continued events,” Cunningham said.

“We thank the clubs, members, stakeholders and partners for their patience as we finalise details in line with government requirements.”

Athletics Victoria continues to work with the DHHS, Vicsport and Sport & Recreation Victoria on COVIDSafe measures required to resume community sport. We are awaiting information on the Restricted Activity Directions for Sport. These additional details will guide an updated version of Athletics Victoria’s COVIDSafe Plan and Return to Training and Competition documentation. Please note that until this time, entry to rounds is not yet open. 

Please be advised that there are still restrictions in place for areas of Victoria. You can find these links here.

In the coming weeks, we expect government advice on guidelines regarding vaccinated access to venues for competition and community sport.  If you have yet to be vaccinated, click here to book your vaccine appointment.

It is still essential that we all monitor for symptoms, get tested if feeling unwell, and get vaccinated when eligible.

For more information on COVID-19 resources from the Victorian Government, click here .

We look forward to sharing more information very soon and seeing you back at events in November.