Published 10 December 2021

Yesterday, Little Athletics Australia and Athletics Australia’s member associations did not achieve the support required to unify the two bodies to become Australian Athletics.

Athletics Victoria proudly represented our members and stakeholders with a vote in favour of the unification and we share in the disappointment that the bold vision of a unified athletics will not be realised at this point.

Athletics Victoria President Allison Robison said that despite the result, the OneAthletics project had bought member associations and governing bodies closer together.

“Throughout the OneAthletics project, it has been wonderful to witness the coming together of not only Athletics Victoria and other states member associations, but the strengthened relationship of all MA’s with Athletics Australia,” Ms Robison said.

“This alignment has led to a consolidation of frameworks, specifically roles and responsibilities, paving the way for greater consultation and ideas to positively shape the future of athletics not just in Victoria, but around Australia.”

With the highest participation levels in the summer season (AVSL) since 2017, Athletics Victoria will continue to deliver opportunities for all Victorians to achieve their goals, with a refreshed strategic focus and exciting developments to be announced.