AVTTP Resource Library

The AVTTP resource library contains video recordings and other resources presented to athletes, coaches and supporters as part of the Athletics Victoria Target Talent Program. Presentations cover a variety of topics, from the importance of sleep in recovery to managing finances. Presentations aim to educate and prepare athletes, coaches and supporters with the knowledge they need to succeed in their individual roles.


The athlete resource library contains video recordings, power point presentations and other resources aimed at equipping developing athletes with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as an athlete.

[NEW] Master Class – Planning for Success

AA and VIS Athletics lead Physical Preparation lead, Cory Innes, headlines our Master class targeting and challenging the concepts of Performance Planning, focusing on the key areas of Testing, Goal Setting and Performance Planning.

Creating a Performance Plan

Tom and Ben provide a review of the presentations from across the season, focusing on a few ‘key takeaway’ messages from each session, and how you can use each area to continue to build upon YOUR performance plan.

On the Couch

Featuring Rhydian Cowley – 2 x Olympian in race walking – 20km (2016) and 50km (2020) and VIS athlete, and Abbey Caldwell – Commonwealth Games Bronze medalist – 1500m (2022) and VIS athlete.

Practical BioMechanics in the Daily Training Environment (Coaches workshop)

VIS Athletics Lead and Deakin University Biomechanist, Danielle Trowell shares her knowledge and provides practical examples of cost effective BioMechanic resources that can be used by athletes and coaches in their daily training environments.

Training Load Monitoring (Physiology)

Having completed his PhD in altitude training @AIS, worked as lead Physiologist at Triathlon Australia and now lead Physiologist with the VIS athletics program, Avish has takes us through the importance of load monitoring, preparations for the season ahead, and considerations in gearing up for the years major event.

How to Eat Elite

Hear from Jess Rothwell – a former elite race walker and current VIS Athletics program and Athletics Australia dietetics lead, about how to create a balanced nutrition plan, risk factors and signs of low energy availability and RED-S, as well as ideas around food to fuel and recover around training and competition.

Performance Coaching and Planning (Coach workshop)

Experienced endurance coach and AA’s Pathway Transitions Lead, Adam Didyk shares his experiences, challenges and insights from the world of HP coaching. Adam discusses key considerations in creating a collaborative HP training environment, along with the importance of, and what should be considered when establishing an athlete’s short and long-term performance plan.

Creating the conditions for high performance habits & behaviours (Coach workshop)

As experienced, proven coaches and leaders within the Australian high performance landscape, Nicky Frey and Mark Stewart share their experience, challenges, insights and the importance of developing, nurturing and committing to positive habits and behaviors that are essential in a high performance environment.

On The Couch

Featuring Anthony Jordan – AVTTP and VIS athlete, Elyssia Kenshole – AVTTP and VIS athlete, Kevin Craigie – AA Pathways and VIS Athletics Physiotherapist, Steve Cain – AVTTP Coach and former Australian representative and Tom Gamble – AV State Team Manager/ AVTTP Assistant and former Australian representative.

Proactive VS. Reactive Management

Kevin Craigie, AA Lead and VIS Physio talks all things athlete health, with a focus on preventative measures to reduce the risk of injury both now, and into the future.

Sport Integrity Australia – Ashleigh Brennan

Ashleigh Brennan, Olympian, Commonwealth Games Champion and SIA clean sport educator discusses all things Anti-Doping, Safeguarding and Member Protection, Match-Fixing and Sports Wagering.

Growth Mindset and Resilience – Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson, VIS Performance Lifestyle Adviser, shares insights into building a dual career both now, and for future sporting and career success.

World Athletics Rankings and Competing Overseas (Coach workshop)

With a ‘hat’ in all camps – former athlete, coach, sports writer, AA employee [Para Classification Coordinator] and World Athletics Athlete Representative, Sean Whipp shares with us his extensive knowledge around planning for and selecting the ‘appropriate competition’ – both domestic and international, and walks us through the mine field of the World Athletics points system.

Strength & Conditioning Exercises – Cory Innes

***Before attempting any of the advanced exercises, athletes MUST have mastered the basic exercises and had them incorporated in a prior strength and conditioning program. Preferably these exercises should not be attempted without the supervision of a coach.

Flourishing in Sport and Life – Andy Farrow

Andy Farrow, from the VIS Performance and Lifestyle team, discusses how athletes can find balance in their lives in order to flourish in sport and life.

Load Management and Returning from Injury – Kevin Craigie

Kevin Craige discusses how effective load management can reduce the risk of injury and how to appropriately resume training after an injury and/or break.

Recovery Modalities – Tess Rhodes

Tess Rhodes covers a range of recovery methods that athletes can implement in their daily routines strait away!

The Fifth Direction

The Fifth Direction discuss the benefits that meditation, mindfulness and relaxation breathing provide for performance. These are the two workshops that were provided for the athletes, during our first TTP session this year.

Mental Health and Well-being – Mark Spargo

Mark Spargo discusses how stress and mental health impact performance. He provides strategies athletes can use to identify the triggers of stress, and periods of poor mental health, along with a range of techniques to promote positive mental health.

Anti-Doping Education – ASADA

Fueling for Sport – Jess Rothwell

Jess Rothwell, VIS nutritionist, talks about the essential role of nutrition for performing, training and recovering our best.

Fueling for Sport – Jess Rothwell

Jess Rothwell, VIS Nutritionist, discusses with Parents and Coaches the importance of nutrition for athlete’s performance, training and recovery.

Injury Management – Kevin Craigie

Kevin Craigie, VIS Physiotherapist, talks coaches through the importance of load management for reducing injury risk and how athletes can safely return to full training loads following a break and/or injury.

RED–S: Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport – Georgie Buckley

Georgie Buckley discusses how detrimental Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) can be, the warning signs and what can be done to prevent this in athletes.

Mental Health and Well-being – Mark Spargo

Mark Spargo presents to our coaches the importance of mental health and well-being on performance. Additionally, Mark discusses the warning signs coaches need to look out for, as well as how to handle situations where an athletes lack of mental health may be an issue.

Recovery Modalities – Tess Rhodes

Tess Rhodes presents coaches with a range of options to improve their athletes’ recovery.

Past Resource Library

The past resource library contains resources and presentation material presented as part of the Athletics Victoria Target Talent Program.


The athlete resource library contains video recordings, power point presentations and other resources aimed at equipping developing athletes with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed as an athlete.

Coaches & Supporters

The coaches & supporters resource library contains video recordings, power point presentations and other resources aimed at equipping coaches & supporters with the skills and knowledge they need to develop and support their athletes through their athletic careers.