An update from Glenn Turnor

Hi Everyone,

Following the announcements over the weekend about the increased number of reported cases, the Victorian Government has made some changes to community sport and return to training and return to competition.

The major change is around groups or social gatherings (spectators at events) which is now back to a maximum of 10 people. This is to curb community transfer of COVID 19. It is also disappointing to see that some people have decided not to follow the rules – this makes it harder for everyone. If you see behaviour outside of the rules – call it out or report it.

However many of the key points for Community sport remain the same as previous:

– For people ages 18 years and under, full-contact training and competition may resume. There are no limits on the number of people per group activity or class if all participants are 18 years old or younger BUT make sure they keep 1.5m apart.

NOTE – Adults involved in running competition such as timekeeper, starter, official, etc MUST continue to observe physical distancing – eg 1.5m apart.

– Make sure all adults abide by the restrictions.  Practice good hand hygiene; keep 1.5m apart; don’t share equipment; use hand sanitiser; download the COVID app AND if you are not well and/or have any symptoms STAY AT HOME

– Organised non-contact competitions for adults are allowed provided participants can keep 1.5m apart and there are no more than 20 participants in the competition.

– Training continues to be non-contact with a max of 20 people (not including the coach)

– Communal facilities such as change rooms can now open for indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Note physical distancing.

*Use of High jump, Pole Vault, and Jumps remains. We are waiting advice and we ask for your continued patience.

The VIC GOVT are finalising the rules around organised non-contact competitions for adults and will release them shortly.

However for now, if you are organising a cross country/track and field/walks/all other disciplines event outdoors for adults, 20 people is the maximum per competition.

**If further races/heats/waves/trials are planned, make sure that each race/heat/wave/trial is complete and participants have cleared the competition site, venue, trail, path before commencing the next race/heat/wave/trial.

**No more than 10 people can gather in one group as spectators – DO NOT encourage gatherings near or on the competition site. If required SHUT DOWN the competition/event for non-compliance.

REMINDER – No hugging, high fives, spitting or sharing equipment.

The current link to the DHHS website outlining the return to play restrictions can be found HERE.

There are still some areas requiring confirmation which we expect to receive. 

If in doubt, then delay your competition until you are able to comply with all restrictions in place.

I really do acknowledge the challenges we’ve all faced over the last few months. However, we have to continue to abide by the restrictions in place.

We can’t wait to get back to competition, when it’s safe to do so.

I wish you and your families, your Club, members officials and friends safe travels,


Glenn Turnor

Chief Executive Officer