Victorian Officials Awards Function

Athletics Victoria’s Victorian Officials Function for the 2022 – 2023 season was conducted on Sunday 4 June and it was great to welcome our officials to the Cathy Freeman Room for what was another enjoyable and successful day. Our theme this year was simply; “Lets Celebrate the year that was”.

During the function, our service badges were awarded to recognise the efforts of our Officials. Congratulations to the following on outstanding years of Officiating.

5 Years – Charlotte Holmes, Jenny Baird, Paul Schofield, Pino Tassone, Sam Graham

10 Years & AA Bronze – Maria Strong

15 Years – Bill Trew, Ian Upton, Lavinia Petrie, Tina Miller

20 Years & AA Silver – Len Bogatin, Stephen McLennan

25 Years – Michael Bodey

30 Years & AA Gold – Denise Turner, Khan Sharp, Kirsteen Farrance

40 Years & AA Platinum – Scott Bowden

45 Years – Jenny Harris, Terry Harris

60 Years – Brian Moore

Award winners

An important part of this event is to announce, and present our awards for the past season.  

Regions / Zones submitted their nominations on behalf of the outstanding Officials from their area, and a sub-Committee selected the worthy winners.

Congratulations to the winners from the following Zones / Regions:

XCR Award

A new award was introduced this year – the XCR Season Official Award – to recognise an Official for their contribution to the Cross-Country Season.

The winner of this new award was one that contributed to the entire Cross-Country Season, always arriving with a smile and willingness to pitch in and assist wherever required. Through rain, hail and sunshine they always gave their best.

The winner of the XCR Season Award was Christine Dell.

The highlight of the function were the major awards of Official of the Year, and Rising Star award.

The Official of the Year is awarded to an Official who has made an outstanding contribution to Athletics officiating over the past season. The award is only given to Officials who have dedicated significant time and effort, and is the Victorian Officials Committee’s way of recognising this.

The Official of the Year was awarded to Josh Savage.

The Rising Star award is presented to an Official who, in the Victorian Officials selection Committee’s opinion, has made an outstanding contribution to the sport in their early years of officiating.

The Rising Star award was presented to Michelle Murrant.

Congratulations to all of our award winners who were very truly deserved.