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RevolutioniseSPORT is an online, cloud-based, end-to-end platform for sporting and community organisations. Everything in the platform is driven by your membership core—online registrations, finance and invoicing, team entries, and managing attendance for competitions, events, and training—with additional administrative capabilities, such as recording incidents & injuries, tracking tasks, and managing meeting minutes and action items.

To find out more information, please visit https://www.revolutionise.com.au/

RevSPORT Training Sessions

These sessions were recorded, and you can view Session One (Introduction to RevSPORT) and Session Two (Events and Membership Training) through these links.

Club Registration and Admin Portal Links


Season Rollover:

What is the season rollover?

To enable members to register for the new season, AV needs to undertake a “rollover” of the RevSPORT portal before April 1, which will put all members of the 2022/23 season into the archive. In 2023, this rollover will be happening on Tuesday March 28.

What is the first thing to do post-rollover?

Create your new payment classes! Your members won’t be able to register until you set up your payment classes and link them to the AV capitation fees. You will be able to set up your payment classes from midday Tuesday March 28, 2023. If you wish to use the same payment classes as last year, you can bring them forward in bulk using the Utilities feature in the Finance tab. These payment classes can then be edited to update fees or change names etc.

Where are my members and how can I locate them?

Members are archived with a rollover which makes their memberships inactive. This is done
so they can renew their profiles into the new season, pay the new season’s registration fees
and so on. The exception to this is administrators who are brought forward as active and unpaid
members by default with a rollover. No data is lost with a rollover, but the members are now in your archives. You can, however, still both search for and report on members that are in your archive:

Members > search > tick include members not active this season > search
Scroll below your current members to see your archived ones

Members > reporting > change Export seasonal data from to the previous season > tick Exclude members from the current season> generate report

How do I email members from the previous season?

This can be done via Members > email members > change seasons to the previous one > tick Exclude members from the current season > create the content and send the email

Members can be emailed post-rollover so you can prompt them to renew their memberships
for the new season or provide them with updates for the new season despite them still being
archived, for example.

Questions on Membership, Finance, and Club Governance:

Will the clubs have to pay a subscription fee, or are the licencing costs all borne by AV?

No, all default costs are paid for by AV.

How do members access registration?

Members need to select their club on the Find and Join Your Club Page and follow the links to register via their club portal.

Where do members go to register for AV events?

All event entries (XCR and Track and Field) are taken through the AV RevSPORT portal.

Can members join with a bank deposit or only a credit card?

Members must use a debit or credit card to purchase a club and AV membership.

An exciting feature of revSPORT is split payments. Split payments ensure the AV fee someone pays goes direct to AV, while the club fee goes directly to the club. Bank deposits do not allow this feature. Through revSPORT, there is no waiting until the end of the month to reconcile books/accounts as was the previous requirement.

Can clubs import members, or should the members register/renew themselves?

AV is no longer accepting club-imported memberships. Members are required to complete their own registration/renewal process as this involves agreeing to the terms of registration which each individual must complete.

Will admins be able to view members’ bib numbers for events like relays? 

Unfortunately, this feature is not presently available through the revSPORT portal. Please contact membership@athsvic.org.au for a list of up-to-date bib numbers of your club members.

Are club admins required to approve pending members in RevSPORT?

AV actively promotes for new people to join the sport of athletics, and we encourage clubs to do the same. Clubs can choose to review their new members. If they do not meet the requirements for your club, you can opt to refund and archive them. There is not an option for an ‘approval’ before a member rejoins your club.

Member Transfers

There are two types of transfers in revSPORT:

  1. In-season transfers
  2. Inter-season transfers
  • In-season transfers:

In-season transfers are when an admin of the destination club lodges a transfer request manually for a member who is already active at another club to also join theirs. This submits a request to all relevant parties so they can approve or deny the transfer and is done via Transfers > add transfers in the destination club’s portal.

Once the transfer is approved by all, the member will be renewed into the destination club as ‘unpaid’. This also doesn’t remove the member from their origin club so they will be active in both until an admin manually removes them.

  • Inter-season transfers:

These occur when a member renews into a new club first at the beginning of a new season (i.e after rollover). Inter-season transfers can’t be lodged through the destination club’s portal, but occur when a member renews themselves into the new club via their website. As a result, manual transfer requests would not be lodged by administrators.

Inter-season transfers generate an automated transfer request that prevent the member from completing their renewal until all parties respond to the request. AV will be approving all transfer requests, so it is up to the club admins to determine whether they approve this transfer or not.

Do all refunds require approval by AV?

If only the club fee (or a portion of) is being refunded, then this can be managed in the club portal without requiring AV approval. However, if any amount of the AV fee is being refunded, then AV must approve the refund before it can be processed.

Do club admins stay admins between seasons?

Yes, if you are a current club admin you continue to be a club admin on RevSPORT until removed by another club admin. This process can be self-managed by following these steps, AV is not required to add or remove club admins.

Will AV offer Alternative First Claims in 2022?

Yes, we will offer Alternative First Claims.

  1. When renewing your membership, just select the Winter club you will be competing for, and tick the button during registration that you are requesting an AFC and enter the name of your summer club.
  2. Compete in the Winter season
  3. AV will send you an email in August notifying you that you can purchase a club membership for the Summer season (you will only be charged the second club’s fees).
  4. Respond to this email and we will then change your club to the Summer club in the system at the end of the XCR season.

Do we still have family packages available?

We certainly do! Please click here for more details.

How will the reconciliation aspect of club finances change in RevSPORT?

AV will no longer distribute funds to clubs. With the introduction of Pin Payments, Clubs will now be paid instantly when a member joins. This change will require clubs to reconcile their member payments more often than they may currently.

What if I use a VIT card instead of a WWCC?

There will be an additional field that can be filled in during registration for members to include their VIT card number and expiry if they use this instead of a WWCC.

Questions on Website, Shop, and Additional Features:

Is it compulsory to use the additional features (e.g., website, shop) provided by RevSPORT?

Aside from membership management and financial requirements, all additional features are optional. As AV pays for all features it may be financially beneficial to consider utilising the shop and website features rather than hosting these sites independently, however, this is completely at the discretion of the clubs.

We already have a club website, do we need to replicate it on RevSPORT?

No, you are welcome to continue using your club website if you wish, just make sure you include a link to RevSPORT for member registrations.

Does it cost extra to set up a club website through RevSPORT?

No, the website feature is part of the package paid for by AV.

Our club already uses RevSPORT, how do we avoid duplications?

If you already use RevSPORT for your club website, lodge a support ticket through the help centre (click the help icon in the top right corner) requesting that the RevSPORT team merge your accounts.

Do we have to use the RevSPORT shop portal?

No, this is a free optional feature.

Are there additional fees associated with the RevSPORT shop?

Use of the shop feature is included for all clubs and is paid for by AV. Each transaction in the shop will generate a small transaction fee for members.

Are there additional fees associated with the RevSPORT booking service?

Use of the Bookings feature is included for all clubs and is paid for by AV. Club members will not be charged to make bookings, however external members (e.g., school groups) will be charged the booking fee and a small transaction fee.

Does AV have visibility over meeting notes saved in RevSPORT?

No, AV will not be able to view any meeting notes saved through RevSPORT, and this is not a compulsory feature of the platform.

Where do we go to get help with using RevSPORT and its features?

In the administrator view of RevSPORT, click on the help button in the top right-hand corner. This will take you to the RevSPORT Help Centre where it is possible to lodge a support ticket by clicking Ask for help. There are also tutorials, webinars, and articles explaining how to set up and use all of the features in RevSPORT. Follow the steps in this video to lodge a support ticket.

Where to find the RevSPORT HelpCentre
Where to create a RevSPORT support ticket for help using the platform

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