Return to Training/Competition Plans

With Victoria moving to the Third Step of the Roadmap, training and competition with restrictions can return.

The Return to Training/Competition Plans have been updated to align with the Third Step and are accessible below:-
UPDATED 05.11.2020 to include High Jump, Pole Vault and Horizontal Jump amendments (Page 9 in word/Page10 in pdf) and Cleaning Protocols (Page 18 in word/Page 19 in pdf)
AV Return to Training/Competition Plan (PDF) 3.1 UPDATED 05.11.20
AV Return to Training/Competition Plan (Word) 3.1 UPDATED 05.11.20

The Plans are intended for Club and/or Venue Operators and can be provided to Local Councils/Shires as required for discussion and/or approval prior to returning to training/competition.

Additional information on cleaning materials and processes can be accessed below:-
WORKSAFE Recommendations Cleaning COVID 19 (PDF)

DHHS Cleaning Materials and Recommendations (PDF) 05.11.2020

COVIDSafe Plan
Each Victorian business is required to have a COVIDSafe Plan. Sport and Recreation Victoria has created a sport specific plan which is currently being approved by DHHS. Once approved it will be provided to Clubs/Venue Operators who can share with Local Councils/Shires.

The COVIDSafe Plan will be built on the six COVIDSafe principles: 
1.Ensure physical distancing
2.Wear a face mask
3.Practise good hygiene
4.Keep records and act quickly if workers become unwell
5.Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces
6.Create workforce bubbles
More information on the COVIDSafe plan will be available once approved.


Following the update from the Victorian Government and advice received from DHHS and Sport and Recreation Victoria there are some important changes to our original proposed calendar.

The original plan was to stage an event on Friday 13th November as part of our Friday Night Athletics at Lakeside however due to the restrictions in relation to groups of 10 and no mixing/crossovers of those groups which in turn impacts the numbers we can get through, we have revised our planning and had to adjust the format of this event. There will no longer be an event held at Lakeside on that evening however we have engaged the AVSL Committee and are now engaging clubs to investigate providing small event-based opportunities on the evening of Friday 13th November to assist in providing competition to athletes. A detailed plan has been outlined by the Sport Delivery team and can be provided to assist with the operations and COVID safe processes. AV will then select 4-5 venues and a member of the AV Team will attend to assist in set up and implementation.  The purpose of this event is to provide opportunity to participants but also to allow us to trial some of our plans and processes before moving into AVSL season.

I understand that this comes with only over a week to prepare, however if you wish to operate an event on that date, please contact Ross Cunningham, GM Sport Delivery at ross@athsvic.org.au and he will liaise with you going forward.