IAAF Kids’ Athletics Upskilling Course

Course and Resource Fee $99

The Australian Sports Commission’s ‘Sporting Schools’ programme, offers students in primary schools access to sport based activities before, during or after school.  As of Term 3 2015, Sporting Schools will be available to every primary school in Australia.

Athletics Australia delivers IAAF Kids’ Athletics through the Sporting Schools programme which allows children to explore and develop the fundamental skills of running, jumping and throwing.

Sporting Schools will be delivered in schools before, during and after school hours and all coaches will be paid for their involvement. 

The IAAF Kids’ Athletics Upskilling Program will give Coaches the skills to teach children the core fundamentals of athletics – running, jumping and throwing – using modified equipment with a focus on fun and following the IAAF’s successful global framework.

To be accredited to coach as part of the Sporting Schools athletics programme, you need to be a registered coach with Athletics Australia and undertake this upskilling course. See http://www.athletics.com.au/Coaches/Sporting-Schools for more details about getting registered.

Once you have successfully passed the IAAF Kids’ Athletics Upskilling Course you will be an endorsed Athletics Provider in Sporting Schools.

With Sporting Schools being available in hundreds of primary school around the country, there are a wide variety of opportunities for coaches around Australia to enjoy teaching kids the basics of athletics and be paid for it; so get yourself accredited now!

Spirit of the Marathon 2 – Film screening and book launch

Join award winning author Roger Robinson and world renowned women’s running trailblazer Kathrine Switzer for a very special once only Melbourne screening of the Spirit of the Marathon 2.

A sequel to the highly successful Spirit of the Marathon, the second film follows the personal journeys of a new cast of seven runners as they take to the iconic streets of Rome, Italy. The film also includes interviews with marathon greats such as Stefano Baldini, Paula Radcliffe, Frank Shorter and many others. An entirely new running adventure, Spirit of the Marathon 2 expands on the first film looking further into this legendary event, its significance in people’s lives and ultimate impact on society.

Hosted by Roger and Kathrine, Spirit of the Marathon 2 will be presented in three segments, with our hosts providing their personal insights and commentary on the film. Roger will also launch his accompanying book and both Kathrine and Roger will be available for book signings.

With the Melbourne Marathon Festival just 12 weeks after this screening, there is no doubt the adrenalin will be pumping and motivation to embark on your personal marathon journey high.

Ticket sales are limited to 200 and will close on Tuesday 22nd July at 6:00pm, so get in quick for this once only event!.

6:30pm Start