2018 Zatopek:10 Graded 10km Track Races

Athletics Victoria and Box Hill Athletics Club welcome all distance runners to take part in the 2018 Zatopek:10 Graded 10km Track Races.

These three track races will be conducted at the Box Hill running track at Hagenauer Reserve.

Make the most of this opportunity to complete the rarely raced 10km distance on the track, this is the race of truth for all distance runners. We welcome all runners of all abilities to come and compete. You don’t have to be a member of an athletics club to compete in this event, all runners are welcome.

These three graded track races are for runners of all abilities and we want to provide the runners with the opportunity to race on the track in a graded competitive race.

There will be three separate track races on the night, select the division that matches your best 10km time in the last two years.

A new innovation that started in 2017, is that for those entering division three, no qualifying time will need to be submitted, so if you’re not sure if you can run 10km in under 60 minutes, don’t worry, we encourage you to start the race and see how far you can run in 60 minutes. If you haven’t completed the full 10km in the time we will ask you to leave the track and your result will be the distance that you covered in the sixty minutes. Think of the division three event as the 60-minute run and there will be no pressure on you to run the full 10km distance. We will continue to operate this in 2018.

When: Tuesday 11 December 2018

Where: Hagenauer Reserve, Box Hill North, Victoria 3129

Event Timetable

Times Division Finishing Time Range
6:15pm – 7:20pm Division Three 50 – 60-minute 10km runners
7:25pm – 8:15pm Division Two 40 – 49-minute 10km runners
8:20pm – 9:00pm Division One 30 – 39-minute 10km runners

Event Check in: Closes 15 minutes before each division start time.

Cost: $15.00 per athlete

Entries: To avoid overcrowding on the track, entries are LIMITED, we can only have a maximum number of runners in each of the three divisions. Entries can be made via the AV Entry Portal.

NOTE: Each runner MUST provide a LAP SCORER, to ensure that every runner completes the full 10km distance.

Enquiries: Email Stephen Dineen at stevedinneen@hotmail.com

2018 Victorian Track Relay Championships

General Information

The Victorian Track Relay Championships will be held at Hagenauer Reserve in 2018.

The Victorian Track Relay Championships is a club based competition that offers relays from 4×100 to 4x1500m with the 4x400m (Open Men, Women & Mixed) finals being run at the Zatopek:10 on Thursday 13th December 2018.

The Victorian Track Relay Championships are a fantastic opportunity for clubs to recruit club members by competing in a team based competition.


Date: Saturday 24th November 2018

Location: Hagenauer Reserve, Barwon Street, Box Hill North 3129

Entries Close: 11:59am (Midday) Monday 19th November 2018 – No late or on the day entries will be accepted.

If you have issues entering the event please contact Athletics Victoria PRIOR to the closing date at summer@athsvic.org.au or the Competitions Department on 8646 4512/8646 4526 and leave a message explaining the issues you are experiencing. Athletics Victoria will not accept any late entries and emails received after the closing date will not be accepted.

NOTE: Please be aware that following the closure of entries, AV will publish a provisional timetable with allocated provisional times.


Entry fees will only be refunded if a cancellation is received in writing to competitions@athsvic.org.au  prior to entries closing. Any refunds after this time will be processed only if the written notification is accompanied with a medical certificate before the first day of competition.

Upcoming Events

Please see below dates for our upcoming events

Zatopek:10 – Lakeside Stadium

Thursday 13th of December 2018

Athletics Victoria Contact Information

For any other information or queries in regards to the 2018 Victorian Relay Championships please contact AV via competitions@athsvic.org.au.

More information to come soon. Stay tuned to the AV website.



Provisional Timetable (As of 20/11/2018)

Check in team forms

Check In Form
Substitution Form

Competition Rules

Full Competition Rules

All 4x1500m team check in forms must be submitted by MIDDAY FRIDAY 23rd NOVEMBER. Any 4x1500m team check in forms not received prior to this time will be scratched from the event.

Teams may bring all other relay check in forms on the day. These must be handed into administration no later than 90 minutes prior to the first round of their event. Any team that does not check in by this time will be scratched from the event.

Should any team run any athletes in a different order to what was signed and submitted on their team sheet they will be disqualified from that race.

If you believe you will be running late for check-in, please call AV on 0447 202 160.


Any Substitutions that are required during the day can be made by filling out a form and lodging it 30 minutes prior to the race at administration.

Age Groups

Age groups are taken from the 31st of December 2018

Age Group Year of Birth Age Group Year of Birth
Under 14 2005, 2006, 2007 Under 18 2001, 2002
Under 16 2003, 2004 Open 2000, 1999, etc.

 Please note: Overage athlete’s age group will be taken from the day of competition 24 November, 2018.

Eligibility of Teams:

All athletes must be registered and approved AV members by 11:59am Wednesday 21st November, 2018 to be eligible to compete in this relays event.

Athletes can only compete in their gender specific teams. There is a mixed open 4x400m event, but no other events will mixed gender races or teams be allowed.

Competing athletes must represent their primary club. Where athletes have selected a secondary club (by purchasing an alternate first claim with membership) the athlete must represent their summer club.

Athletes qualifying under Rule 5.3 must wear the official registered uniform of their first claim summer club, with their current bib numbers, as supplied by Athletics Victoria, securely fixed at the four corners to their competition uniform. They shall be worn visibly on the breast and back.

Athletes wishing to compete in different age groups must follow the below rules:

  • No athlete can compete in a lower age group than they are eligible for e.g. (U16 cannot run in an U14 event).
  • A junior athlete U14 – U18 may compete in their age group as well as the open age group e.g. (U16 can compete in the U16 4×100 and the Open 4×100).
  • A junior athlete U14 – U18 cannot compete in the same event in two junior age groups e.g. (U14 cannot compete in U14 4×100 and the U16 4×100).
  • A junior athlete can compete in two different junior age groups in two different events e.g. (U14 4×100 and an U16 4×400).

Masters Age Group Rules:

  • Age is taken from first day of competition – 24 November 2018.
  • Can only compete once in a particular type of relay eg 4x100m.
  • To form a team an athlete can move down to a younger age group but not up.
  • The age bracket of the team is determined by the youngest member of the team.
  • An athlete can compete in a different age bracket in a different type of relay.
  • Teams can run in any order.
  • All teams must wear their Club uniform and be a registered financial member of AV on the day of competition.
  • To set Masters Records all members of a team must be a VMA member.

Uniform & Bibs:

All athletes competing at the 2018 Victorian Relay Championships must wear their current club uniform and current 2018/19 Athletics Victoria bib numbers. If you forget your bib please go to the administration area to receive a new one. All athletes must compete in AV bibs, if an athlete has registered as an AV Member but has not been assigned a Bib when visiting the Administration Area AV staff will assign you a temporary Bib Number for the day.

Call Room:

A Call Room will be in place for the 4x100m relays (Heats and Finals). This will be located on the infield. All athletes must marshal at this point no later than 15mins prior to their event.

For all other relay events athletes must marshal at their changeover points no later than 15mins prior to their event.

Straight Finals:

In the situation where enough scratching’s can cause events to no longer require heats, the final will be held at the final time. These announcements will be made 60 minutes prior to the event start time to allow Team Managers time to substitute athletes if need be.


4 x 100m and 4 x 400m

2 Heats First 2 in each heat, next 4 fastest into final
3 Heats First 2 in each heat, next 2 fastest into final
4 Heats First 2 in each heat, next 4 fastest into semi- final
5 Heats First 2 in each heat, next 6 fastest into semi-final
2 Semi Finals First 3 in each semi-final, next 2 fastest into final
3 Semi Finals First 2 in each semi-final, next 2 fastest into final

4 x 800m, 4 x 1500m & Medley Relay

2 Heats Timed Finals

Venue Information

First Aid

St Johns Ambulance will be on site throughout the day. They will be in the player runway which is located halfway down home straight.

Toilet facilities

There are toilet facilities open around Hagenauer Reserve.

Car Parking

Limited Car parking is available off Barwon Street.

Looking after Lakeside Stadium

We are very grateful for the opportunity to compete at Hagenauer Reserve.

  • Park only in designated parking bays
  • Take home all rubbish so that we leave the venue as we found it.
  • Do not litter any rubbish. Please use bins provided.
  • Make sure your athletes leave the toilet blocks in a respectable state.

Box Hill Classic

The Box Hill Classic will have 800m, 1500m and 3000m races on offer.

Hagenauer Reserve, the home of the Box Hill Athletic Club has a history of being a fast track with many athletes posting personal bests. So here’s a chance for you to test out your legs on an 800m, 1500m or 3000m.

Date: 9th March 2023

Entries Close: 11:59am (Midday) Monday 6th March

800m, 1500m & 3000m

AV Members: $20

Non-AV Members: $25

PLEASE NOTE: Entries will be based on first to enter basis with limited spots available in all events

*Athletes must be the age of 13 as of competition day, or if you wish to obtain an exemption please contact Steve Dinneen at Box Hill Athletic Club.

2016/17 Vic Milers – Meet 2

2016/17 Rare Air Club – Meet 2


When: Saturday 24th December – 2016
Where: Box Hill
Time: From 10:00am

Entries: Rare Air Club entries are accepted on the day.

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/rareairclub/

2016/17 Rare Air Club – Meet 3


When: 12th January – 2017
Where: Box Hill
Time: From 6:00pm

Entries: Rare Air Club entries are accepted on the day.

For more information visit https://www.facebook.com/rareairclub/

Victorian Running Network Twilight Track Night


Are you an experienced runner looking for an end of season track race, or total novice wondering what a track race is all about?

The Victorian Racing Network (VRN) are hosting a night of 3000m & 5000m events aimed to involve all runner levels.  Simply enter a time you have recently run, or believe you can run, when completing your nominated distance. We grade each race so you are competing against those who are at the same level as you.  So whether you are 13 or 83, Olympian or novice, the VRN Twilight Track Night has a place for you.

Event Start Time: 7:00pm

How to enter: 

AV Member: Please use your normal login details, if you forgotten these please contact AV on 8646 4500.

Non-AV Member: Please create a profile and when you are selecting “Member Details” please click the “Non-financial member” option and then ‘Non-AV member’. This will then allow you to register for the event.

Please remember to enter a season’s best time (Since October 1st 2014) when registering online for this event.

If you are experiencing any issues registering or have any questions, please contact AV on 03 8646 4500 or e-mail info@victorianrunningnetwork.org.au.

2012 Rare Air Club – Meet 1

VRN Twilight Track Night 1


Victorian Milers Club – Meet 2 (AV Knockout Rd 1 800m & 1500m)


Please note that for AV Knockout rounds 1 and 2, the 800m and 1500m events are incorporated into and will be run with Vic Milers meets 2 and 3. AV Knockout Round 1 (Vic Milers Meet 2) for 800m and 1500m will be open to all competitors providing they have competed in a prior AV Shield round. AV Knockout round 2 (Vic Milers Meet 3) will only be eligible to the top 32 listed in the AV Rankings.

Date: Tuesday 1 December, 2015

Entries Close: 11:59pm Wednesday 25 November, 2015. If you are experiencing any issues entering please contact AV on 8646 4500 or summer@athsvic.org.au

Where: Hagenauer Reserve, Box Hill

Time: 7:00pm

How to Enter: Entries for both Victorian Milers and Knockout competitors are to be done through Athletics Victoria.

Event Information: Victorian Milers Meet 2 will incorporate the 800m and 1500m races from AV Knockout Rd 1 for all ages for both Men & Women.

Start Lists and Timetable: 

Start Lists