High Velocity Club

About HVC in 2021/22

After the success of the 2021/21 HVC season, where we saw state and national records, a bevy of Australian representative athletes, interstate visitors, and PBs aplenty, we are excited for the return of the series in 2021/22.

Your feedback from last season and throughout winter has been used to shape the offerings for this year. We are still in a condensed COVID season, resulting in a season of five meets; each of which has been scheduled to complement and assist your preparation for events including the Victorian Track & Field Championship series, ACT State Championships, the Summer of Athletics domestic tour, and Australian Athletics Championships. We hope that HVC will also assist athletes in their preparations for one of the many international teams on offer in 2022. Additional event opportunities are once again offered at AVSL, and can be used for qualification to nationals. AVSL dates can be found here.

Venues are chosen based on their track level of certification, plus their ability to hold events (Including surveying to run the back straight with a tailwind). Whilst we received some feedback suggesting a desire to stay at Box Hill consistently, unfortunately this is not tenable – partially due to issues with some event sites, but also due to requests for more centralised competition and also regional opportunities. The compromise here is a short and sharp flat sprints night to kick off the season at Box Hill, before competition moves to Lakeside Stadium (And a stint in Geelong).

Following your feedback, this year will also see the inclusion of a relays opportunity. Further information on this can be found later on this page.

As was the case for last year, entries for all HVC events will be taken through the Athletics Victoria Members Portal. To enter, please click on the Enter Here button below, and log in using your AV credentials (If you’re new to this, you can click on Create Profile to get started). Once you’ve signed in, click Events from the menu, select the event you want to enter, and follow the prompts.

Event Pricing

  • Individual Event (Member): $15
  • Individual Event (Non-Member): $25
  • Relay (Athlete Members Only): $20 per team

Remember that you will need to complete your entry, and make payment to enter. You will also receive a confirmation email. If you have any issues please ensure you contact Athletics Victoria BEFORE the closing date; this can be done by emailing sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au.

Best of luck for the season!

HVC Meets

MeetDateVenueEventsImportant Info1TimetableEnter/EntriesStart ListsEntries Close
HVC1Tues 14th Dec 2021Box Hill100m, 200m, 400m, High Jump2HVC1Provisional
Start List (updated Tues 14 Dec 10:30am)Fri 10 Dec, 11:59am (Midday)
HVC2Sat 8th Jan 2022Lakeside Stadium100m, 400m, Short Hurdles, Triple Jump2, High Jump2, 2x100m RelayHVC2Provisional
(updated Fri 7 Jan 10:25am)
Start List (updated Fri 7 Jan 10:20am) Wed 5 Jan, 11:59am (Midday)
HVC3Thurs 10th Feb 2022Lakeside Stadium 100m, 200m, Long Hurdles, Long Jump2HVC3 Draft3 Enter Here
(Coming Soon)
Mon 7 Feb, 11:59am (Midday)
HVC4Sat 12th Mar 2022Geelong100m, 400m, Short Hurdles, Triple Jump2, 2x100m RelayHVC4 Draft3
Enter Here
Wed 9th Mar, 11:59am (Midday)
HVC5Thurs 17th Mar 2022Lakeside Stadium 100m, 200m, Long Hurdles, Long Jump2, High Jump2HVC5Draft3Enter Here
(Coming Soon)
Mon 14 Mar, 11:59am (Midday)

1 The Important Information for each event may differ based on the COVID restrictions in place at the time of each event. To ensure that you are aware of all requirements, please read the information, which will be uploaded following close of entries.

2 As per previous years, each of the long, triple and high jumps will have restricted fields, with the top eight male and female applicants accepted into the final field (Please note that full entries in HJ may result in sheets being split across two sessions). All jumps sheets will be graded and may be run as mixed events.

3 Please note that a Provisional Timetable with updated event times will be posted following close of entries.

4 We have approached a venue for these meets however are awaiting confirmation of venue availability prior to publication. Entries for these meets will be made available as soon as the venue is confirmed.

SHOE DECLARATION – National Permit Meets

As all HVC meets are National Permit meets, Open & U20 athletes are required to complete an AV online Shoe Declaration Form prior to their first HVC meet. Any State Record, National Record or International qualifying performance will not be ratified without a Shoe Declaration being submitted.

Athletes are to wear shoes that comply with the World Athletics Shoe Rule. For a current list of compliant shoes, please download the latest list: World Athletics Shoe Compliance List (as of 17 December 2021)

All Open & U20 Athletes inclusive of Para athletes, attempting a State Record, National Record or International qualifier MUST complete a shoe declaration form prior to participation at an HVC meet.

Please complete the online form HERE or by printing off a copy of the AV Shoe Declaration Form and bring it to Athlete Check-in while you check-in to the venue.

HVC Relays and Team Submission

Season 2021/22 will see the introduction of a new relay opportunity that ties into Athletics Victoria’s development program. For this event, teams will not need to be club based; grab a friend and go!

  • To be eligible to compete in a relay, you and your teammate must both be athlete members of Athletics Victoria, and have entered a 2x100m HVC relay event via the members portal – you only need one entry per team.
  • Next up is letting us know who will be running, and in what order. This can be done by filling out the form below, prior to the entries close date/time. This will allow for teams to be placed into heats prior to event day.
  • Successful submission of the HVC Relay Team Submission form will see a confirmation email delivered to your contact email address. If you do not receive this email, please check your junk folder; if you still cannot locate the email, you wish to make an amendment to the team, or you have any queries, please email sportdelivery@athsvic.org.au so that a member of the team can get back to you.


Results for all High Velocity Club meets will be available through Athletics Victoria’s results service, ResultsHub