Geelong 5k & 10k

Date: Saturday 7th January 2023

Entries Close: Thursday 5th January 2023

Location: John Landy Field, Geelong

The Geelong 5k & 10k night will consist of 5 races across the 5,000m and 10,000m track events. The events will be a State Permit meet allowing National Qualification and State Records (if all requirements are met via the Procedure to claim a Victorian Record document)


o    Run as mixed U20 events – minimum age 14 as at 31/12/22

o    Minimum qualifying times (25 min for males, 30 min for females)

o    Two seeded races maximum of 25 per race – total entries 50

o    Cost: $10


o    Run as mixed Open events – minimum age 16 as at 31/12/22

o    Minimum qualifying times (40 min for males, 45 min for females)

o    Races will be stopped at a maximum of 1 hour if incomplete

o    Three seeded races maximum of 25 per race – total entries 75

o    Cost: $15

Start TimeRace
5:45pm5,000m B Race
6:15pm5,000m A Race
6:45pm10,000m C Race
7:35pm10,000m B Race
8:20pm10,000m A Race
Athlete Check-In

There will be no call room with athletes reporting to Athlete Check-in no later than 20 minutes before scheduled event.

Athletes who have not checked in by this time will be scratched from the event.

Hip numbers and pins will be supplied at Athlete Check-in

If additional athletes have entered, they may included in the case of scratchings, but no more than the maximum number for the event will be included.

Administration/Competition Rules:

All Races will be run using WA Rules – if an athlete False starts, they will be disqualified from the event

Photo Finish will be used for all races. If for any reason this is unavailable then the use of 3 manual timekeepers will occur.

Athletes will be expected to wear 2022/23 Athletics Victoria member bibs, interstate/non-AV member athletes will be assigned bibs on the day.

Athletes must provide a Lap Scorer on the day otherwise may face disqualification.

Split cones will be used for the start and finish for races of 25.


If the event needs to be cancelled, entry fees will be refunded, less administration fees.

No alternative back-up date for this event has been proposed.