AV 20km & Schools Walks Championships

The AV 20km & School Walks Championships will be held on the 25th of June at Middle Park. The event is being run on behalf of Athletics Victoria (AV) by the Victorian Race Walking Club (VRWC).


Athletes are expected to check in at the VRWC Club Rooms located within the Middle Park Bowling Club Complex (Mel. Ref 2K – F10)

You must check-in NO LATER THAN 45 minutes before the start of the race.

Athletes competing in any AV Championship events are required to wear their first claim AV Club Uniform and current AV Bibs. Competitors MUST wear numbers on the front and back of their uniform top.

Athletes competing in the AV Schools Walk events are required to wear their School Sports uniform.

Competitors MUST also wear Electronic Timing Tags for the event. These are available at pre-race check in for non-VRWC members, and VRWC members are to wear their previously allocated tag.

The track is AIMS certified and Judged under IAAF Rules (International Association of Athletics Federations) Rules 230 and 240.

Results from these races can be used for qualification purposes and are recognised by AV and AA.