COVID-19: Regional Victoria

Stage 3 restrictions are currently in place for Regional Victoria. The DHHS will notify when restrictions can be eased in regional Victoria. Please see all relevant information below.

FROM 11:59PM WEDNESDAY 5 AUGUST if you live in REGIONAL VICTORIA INCLUDING MITCHELL SHIRE LGA the following activities, in relation to exercise, will be restricted:

  1. Community sport: closed.
  2. Indoor sport and recreation: closed.
  3. Outdoor sport: only allowed to exercise, or activities such as fishing, golf, boating, tennis, surfing with one other person or household members, provided 1.5 metre distance can be maintained.
  4. Outdoor sporting facilities: closed, except for facilities where public gathering and physical distancing limits can be adhered to and there is no use of shared equipment or communal facilities (e.g. tennis courts, golf courses).
  5. Swimming pools: closed.
  6. Playcentres: closed.
  7. Playgrounds: closed.
  8. People aged 18 years and younger are not exempt from this restriction
  9. Personal training outdoors can occur but with a limit of two participants, in addition to the instructor. (If you are a full-time PT or Full-time athletics coach this applies to you – part-time coaches or casual coaches cannot coach two people outdoors )
  10. People must wear a mask or covering whenever leaving the house. There are a few exceptions. People with a medical reason are exempt, as are children younger than 12. Those who have a professional reason are also exempt and “if it’s just not practical, like when running”, but those people will still be expected to carry a face covering at all times “to wear when you can”.

Department of Health and Human Services

Please see the following links for the Victorian DHHS information pages on current restrictions and promotional material and posters to use on social media

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