COVID-19: Metro & Regional Victoria

From midnight Sunday 22 November 2020 Victoria will move to step four (last step) before moving to a COVID-Normal phase. The following restrictions will apply:

  1. There are no restrictions on reasons to leave home.  During the Last Step restrictions on gatherings remain in place.
  2. There will be a phased return to workplaces.
  3. Contact and non-contact sport and recreation can resume for all ages, with limits applying to numbers of people. 
  4. Shops, recreational facilities, entertainment, hospitality and cultural venues will be open, although there are still restrictions. These include operating with a COVIDSafe Plan, density limits (the number of people allowed in a venue depends on its size so that people can keep at least 1.5 metres distance apart), record keeping and cleaning.

For more information relating to specific areas, see Last Step link below.

Department of Health and Human Services

Please see the following links for the Victorian DHHS information pages on current restrictions.

Something light

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World Athletics have compiled a list of the Ten Most Successful Athletics Movies of All Time
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