The Athletics Victoria Coaching and Advisory Panel, led by Kim Mulhall

The Athletics Victoria Coaching and Advisory Panel will be led by Commonwealth Games discus and shot put representative Kim Mulhall. Mulhall has represented Australia at youth, junior and senior levels, building on an impressive throwing career to lead Caulfield Grammar’s athletics and cross country programs in the coaching space.

Mulhall recently joined Athletics Victoria’s board, acting as a valuable source of insight from the coaching and athletic community. Encouraged by the thought of making a difference to the sport, Mulhall discussed the board application process with mentors at Caulfield Grammar and dove in enthusiastically. An established coach with strategic experience in the schools and high performance spaces, Mulhall has provided a refreshing and relevant perspective.

Mullhall’s involvement at a board level mirrors her approach to other aspects of the sport, “The passion for making the sport a better place for all involved is the fundamental drive for me to do anything in the sport. Be it, coaching, administrating or competing.”

The impact Mulhall can make on the sport in her multifaceted roles is substantial, a concept not lost on the 29-year old.

“I hope that because I am still competing at a reasonable level and am around the track so much that I can be a voice for athletes and coaches. I feel that I can take my experience and that of others and try and turn ideas and opinions into actual actions where appropriate.”

The concept of the Coaching & Advisory Panel presents a variety of possibilities for Mulhall and the athletics community, drawing upon similarities in other sports.

“For me I think of the AFL Players commission, and believe that is such a powerful movement and voice for the sport. Athletes and Coaches are the centre of the Athletics universe and I think it is so important there is a platform for them to express opinions, ideas and grievances and really feel listened too. I would love for the panel to become a pivotal part of decision making and governance for the sport.”