Level Three Performance Coach


The Level 3 Performance Coach accreditation is designed for coaches interested in working with athletes aged 15+ years old, and/or want to be involved in the Training II (Specific) stage of development (outlined in Athletics Australia’s Training and Competition Guidelines for Children and Adults).

The primary objective of a Performance Coach is to prepare athletes for successful performances at national and international competitions. They achieve this by applying a range of skills, knowledge, and techniques, including biomechanics, loading and recovery, nutrition, plyometrics, strength and conditioning, sport psychology, and periodisation.

For coaches at this level, competitions become increasingly important, and there is an emphasis on helping athletes balance social, psychological, and cognitive aspects of life with training and competition.

Performance Coaches often hold senior coaching positions in Senior Athletics clubs and high schools. They may also offer private Track and Field coaching.


To gain a Level 3 Performance Coach accreditation, a coach must meet the following criteria:
– Be 18 years or older.
– Hold the Level 2 Development Coach accreditation.

Course Structure

Part 1: Theory

  1. Practical course – Attend the two-day face-to-face course (DAY 1 & 2).
  2. Online course – Complete the Level 3 Core online modules.
  3. Assessment tasks
    – Complete a multiple choice assessment.
    – Complete a self-reflection task

Part 2: Event-Specific Learning

  1. Event Specific Practical course
    – Attend a two-day face-to-face course in your chosen discipline (DAY 3 & 4):
    Middle & Long Distance
    Sprints, Relays, & Hurdles
    Trail and Ultra Marathon
  2. Online course – Complete the Level 3 Event-Specific online module (in your chosen discipline):
    Middle & Long Distance
    Sprints, Relays, & Hurdles
    Trail and Ultra Marathon
  3. Assessment tasks
    – Complete a short answer assessment.
    – Create a seasonal plan.
    – Complete the practical coaching assessment (signed off by an approved assessor).
    – We strongly recommended that the assessor supervises the coach for the duration of a season (1 year) before signing.

Part 3: Additional Learning

  1. Electives
    – Accumulate 50 Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points through the successful completion of online courses focused on various performance-related subjects.