Level One Coaching Course

Community Athletics Coach

The Level 1 Community Athletics Coach focuses on developing the coach’s human management skills and understanding of physical literacy and how it can be improved based on the ‘Teaching Games for Understanding’ model of sports development. This model is supported by peer-reviewed research (Light, 2002; McKeen, Webb & Pearson, 2005; Butler, 2006; Cote, Murphy-Mills & Abernethy, 2007; Evans, 2010; Balakrishnan, Rengasamy & Aman, 2011; Hands, 2012; Holfelder & Schott, 2014) and the Australian Sports Commission under the ‘Game Sense Approach’ label.

This course instructs coaches how to follow the Teaching Games for Understanding model, especially its athlete-centred pedagogy, and introduces the most critical components of developing physical literacy in beginning athletes to prepare them for future Track and Field success, which must be understood before event-specific coaching can be developed.

Pre-Requisites: None