Lalor Running Club

Whether you want to participate in local fun runs, improve your fitness, lose weight or start running for the first time, LRC is the group for you.

The group is designed for beginner and intermediate runners and walkers. It is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle, providing social support and friendship in a non-competitive supportive environment.


•To provide participants with a positive, friendly and fun experience providing guidance on running and fitness in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle,

•To provide an inclusive environment aiming to engage all community and cultural groups in the local area,

•To help participants stay motivated in reaching their fitness and/or personal goals,

•To provide a non-competitive training environment accessible to all members of the community

What do the 5 ☆s in the logo represent? Lalor was named in honour of Peter Lalor, a leader of the Eureka Stockade rebellion and later member of the Victorian parliament. So the 5 stars come from The Eureka Flag.

Founded: January 2017

Incorporated: October 2017


Contact: Sarah Alchin
Phone:0421 639 456

Secondary Contact: Kirsty Branagan
Phone: 0408 788 520

Email: info@lalorrunningclub.com.au


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