Generation Run

The Generation Run Running Squad was developed to provide a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment where like-minded people could meet and train together under the guidance of qualified, experienced, and passionate coaches. At Gen Run; ability, age and experience doesn’t matter; you can just run because you love it! Because that’s why I do it. The Gen Run Squad is a welcoming and fun community where lasting friendships are made, where your training is guided and personalised, and where you can feel a sense of belonging, comraderie, and kindred-spirit whatever your goals and running ambitions.


The Gen Run Squad meet for training on weekdays at various locations in the outer Eastern suburbs of Lilydale, Mt Evelyn, Croydon and surrounds. We provide a variety of structured training sessions including: track/speed, intervals, hills, tempo, distance and recovery runs. Gen Runners support each-other at various races and events, and attend organized weekends away to train, race, or just run and relax with friends!


Contact: Bec Rosel

Phone: 0414 272 330

Email: stayingpower@live.com