Ballarat Harriers Athletic Club

The Ballarat Harriers Athletics Club was first established in June of 1891. At the Ballarat Harriers Athletic Club, we pride ourselves on fun, fitness, families and friends where everyone is most welcome to jog, run or race regardless of ability or age. We have a positive and energetic team that facilitates the club who are open and welcoming to new members with a passion for sport. Our Cross Country season has a race every weekend that is either sealed handicap event or handicaped event, giving everyone an even chance of winning and enjoying success. Our race courses could only be described as traditional cross country courses covering all distances and surfaces. On our competition days we normally offer athletes the opportunity to compete in a long or a short distance course.Ballarat Harriers Athletic Club also caters for Professional Athletics and all disciplines of Track and Field athletics. We have had great success in recent years in our under 20’s and veteran’s age groups.


Club President: Cathryn Harris
Email: ballaratharrierspresident@gmail.com

Club Secretary: Claire Johnson
Email: ballaratharrierssecretary@gmail.com

Website: revolutionise.com.au/ballaratharriers

Club Location

20 Young St

Coaching Disciplines

Vertical Jumps, Horizontal Jumps, Throws, Hurdles, Walks, Sprints, Middle Distance/Distance, Cross Country/Road Racing