Athletics Victoria is pleased to announce the final dates, locations, and several exciting changes for the summer AVSL season.

Starting from October 8 and featuring 10 rounds and two AVSL Playoffs over two weekends, Athletics Victoria is excited to see more participants across more events more often. 

AVSL is open to all AV Base Membership holders. This includes those with an XCR Package, MAX package or Track & Field package. Entry into AVSL events is automatically covered for those with a MAX or Track & Field package.

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In 2022/23, Athletics Victoria introduced a new membership and event registration portal, revSPORT. This change presents a new login experience for AVSL. Please see the videos below for instructions on signing up and entering.

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 How To Enter AVSL Rounds on REVSport – click here.

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Held over ten preliminary rounds, AVSL 2022/23 will feature competitions held across five (5) regions and venues.

The final position at the end of Round 10 will determine whether clubs qualify for playoffs, remain in the same division for the following season, or are relegated for the next season.
Clubs that finish first (1st) and second (2nd) at the AVSL Playoffs in Division 2, Division 3, Division 4 and Division 5 will be promoted to the higher division.

The lowest two scoring clubs competing in the relegation zone during the two AVSL Playoff rounds in Premier Division, Division 2, Division 3 and Division 4 will automatically be relegated to the lower division.


AVSL Playoffs this year will take place across 2 consecutive weekends held across 5 venues (3 Country & 2 Metro) across Victoria allowing athletes to compete and contribute points in their nominated events.

Each club and athlete will have something to play for during the AVSL Playoffs this year, with the top 5 teams in each division after the 10 rounds playing off for the AVSL divisional Shield after the 10 rounds. The bottom 5 teams in Division 1 through to 4 will compete to avoid relegation.


AVSL Round entries will now open at 5pm rather than 2pm.

Entries on the AV Member Portal will continue to open the Wednesday the week before the AVSL Round (10 days before competition). 


As Athletics Victoria continues to look to increase and encourage participation across the sport, the AVSL committee unanimously agreed to the inclusion of a new 70+ scoring opportunity together with 70+ implements and specifications.


High Jump & Pole Vault start heights will be modified on a 3-week rotation to allow athletes to reach different progressions throughout the AVSL season. 

In 2022-23, High Jump controlled sheet participants may be offered additional attempts

for the top three (3) male and female athletes during ‘Controlled’ sheets if time permits.

These extra jumps will be recorded and ratified for National qualification and record purposes but will not be eligible for AVSL Points. 

Pole vault will see the time allowed between jumps minimised to ensure it can continue to be held at AVSL meets, with no limits on the total number of jumps on the day of competition.


AVSL race walking events will now be held at one Metro venue each week in line with all other track events. This will ensure quality competition for our walkers with the required number of Walk Judges.

All AVSL 2022/23 season information can be viewed by clicking the button below.

Athletics Victoria will shortly release further information regarding Specialist Groups, club meets, and much-anticipated national events.

2022 ZATOPEK:10 will be held on Thursday, December 15. Athletics Victoria is in the final stages of venue agreements. The location of 2022 ZATOPEK:10 will be announced shortly.

Athletics Victoria looks forward to watching you hit your goals this summer.