2024-25 AV Membership

Athletics Victoria is pleased to announce its 2024-25 Membership packages and pricing. The coming season sees a similar membership package structure to season 2023-24, with offerings of Base Membership, as well as AVSL, XCR, and Max Packages respectively.

2024-25 membership package and pricing determinations have been informed by a significant research piece conducted in partnership with Gemba, Australia’s leading sports market research agency, which compared the components of an AV membership with the membership offerings of other sports, ensuring AV membership continues to provide excellent market value.

While some prices have marginally increased for the coming season, others have been reduced. Overall, membership and package prices for the forthcoming season have remained largely consistent with those of 2023-24.

2024-25 Summer Calendar Updates

At Athletics Victoria, we pride ourselves on running great events.

So much so that we identify running great events as one of three strategic priorities in our 2023-26 Strategic Plan.

Running great events has always been a fundamental component of AV’s contribution to the Victorian athletics community. Aside from countless other reasons why we stage events, event entries & membership are the financial lifeblood of AV, collectively accounting for more than 80% of AV’s annual revenue.

However, with athletics membership declining by 19% since 2016, and AV’s on-paper value declining by 63%, it calls for a critical review of where AV channels its finite hours and resources to ensure we have maximum impact for effort, and best meet the needs of today’s market.

Naturally, if we are to attract new participants, we need to ensure our events intended to cater for a new participant are doing just that – that’s primarily XCR in the winter, and AVSL in the summer. The experience of current members at these events is just as critical, if not more so, with member retention every bit as important as attracting new participants.

Please see as follows an outline of updates to the 2024-25 Summer Calendar, as well as the background to these decisions.


What is the NPS & how is it calculated?
What is considered a good NPS?
What is a typical NPS for an AV event, and what is AVSL’s NPS?
How many typically compete in all 12 rounds of AVSL?
How important is calendar space to Athletics Victoria?
Are there other factors beyond a poor NPS & calendar-dominance that bring AVSL into focus?
Who is AVSL intended for?
Who is Gemba, and what did Gemba find?
Why can’t we just introduce new events into the mix and maintain every other event as is?
What is proposed for Summer 2024-25?
What will AV seek to do with the weekend space made available?
What might those two rounds look like?
How might AVSL scoring differ moving forward?
Does this mean AV wants to see less community competition?
Some regional athletes travel further than metro athletes to compete – won’t weeknight competition make it more difficult for these athletes?
If we don’t have enough Officials to sufficiently support a 12-round AVSL, can’t we get more Officials?
I understand there is a significant drop-off of athletes aged 16 to 23 in AVSL, but isn’t that the case in many sports?
If there are two less rounds of AVSL, does that mean cheaper membership for 2024-25?
Is this just a case of new AVSL participants not quite ‘getting it’, and those that have competed in AVSL for a number of years better understanding how AVSL works and its value?
Why should I continue to compete in AVSL?