2018 Victorian Multi Track & Field Championships

General Information

The 2018 Victorian Multi Championships was postponed due to extreme heat on Saturday 6th January. A new date and venue has been confirmed as Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March 2018. No further entries will be taken for this competition. 

Date: Saturday 3rd March – Sunday 4th March, 2018

Location: Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park 3206

Entries Close: CLOSED

If you have issues entering the event please contact Athletics Victoria PRIOR to the closing date at summer@athsvic.org.au and leave a message explaining the issues you are experiencing. Athletics Victoria will not accept any late entries and emails received after the closing date will not be accepted.

NOTE: Please be aware that following the closure of entries, AV will publish a provisional timetable with allocated provisional times.


Entry fees will only be refunded if a cancellation is received in writing to competitions@athsvic.org.au  prior to entries closing. Any refunds after this time will be processed only if the written notification is accompanied with a medical certificate before the first day of competition.

More information to come shortly. Stay tuned to the AV website.



1. Competition: All events shall be conducted in accordance with the rules of the IAAF and Athletics Victoria.

2. Age determination: Age group calculation is taken from the 31 December 2018. Overage athletes (40+, 50+) age group calculation will be taken from the first day of competition 6 January 2018.

Age Group Year of Birth Age Group Year of Birth
Under 14 2005, 2006 Open 1998 or earlier
Under 16 2003, 2004 40+ 6/1/1978 – 7/1/1967
Under 18 2001, 2002 50+ 6/1/1968 – Earlier
Under 20 1999, 2000

3. Similar Events: A competitor may not officially enter the same or similar event in more than one age underage/overage division. Athletes may enter the open division and their overage or underage division.

4. Mixed Competition: Both male and female athletes must compete in their own gender events for these championships. No athlete will be permitted to compete in another gender event at any Athletics Victoria Championship events (IAAF rule 145).

5. Entry Numbers: Only one (1) entry is required for an event to be included on the program. However to provide competition, events may be combined with a similar event if available.

6. Simultaneous Events: When an athlete has entered both and open and age group event which are conducted simultaneously as one event, the athlete will be entitled to one (1) set of performances only, provided that the specifications for the age group event are the same as the open event. These performances will be used to determine the placing’s in both events.

7. Clash of Events: If an athlete has a “clash of events”, they will need to report to the competition area of their second event and report to the official that they will be late marshalling to that event due to a clash with another event

8. Check-In: Athletes in must report to the ATHLETE TIC AREA no later than 1 HOUR PRIOR to the start time of the first round of each event they have entered and sign in. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

9. Scratching’s: Any athlete who competes in a round of an event in the championships and qualifies for a subsequent round then withdraws from that event, without a medical certificate, WILL NOT be permitted to compete in any other event during the championships, including relays.

10. Call Room: There will be NO call room in operation at the Victorian Multi Event Championships. Therefore all athletes must marshal directly to the competition area by the time indicated below. Please ensure you bring all required clothing and footwear as athletes will not be permitted to leave once they have marshalled.

11. Uniforms: Athletes must be attired in their official registered uniform of their first claim Athletics Victoria club uniform with their current Athletics Victoria registration numbers firmly affixed so the entire number and sponsorship information can be easily read. (refer IAAF rule 18). The victory ceremony is considered part of the competition. Athletes competing by invitation must compete in their club, state or national uniform.

12. Footwear: Track spikes must be of IAAF approved shape (conical is preferred) and be no greater than 7mm in length for track events. Spikes for javelin and high jump events must be conical in shape and a maximum of 9mm.

13. Private Implements: Only implements provided and previously tested by the technical officer may be used. Athletes wishing to use private implements must lodge them with the technical officer on duty AT LEAST 2 HOURS PRIOR to the scheduled starting time of the event. The implement will be retained until the completion of that event and will be available for all athletes in that event to use.

14. Starting Blocks: The use of starting blocks is compulsory for all open and underage athletes competing in events up to and including 400m. Overage athletes will be permitted a crouch or standing start for all events.

15. Leg Numbers: Athletes in events 800m or longer will be required to wear a leg number to assist the photo finish operator in identifying athletes. Leg numbers will be distributed at the start line during the marshalling period.

16. Protests:
(i) Any enquires regarding entries; check-in or reporting at the championships on the days of competition shall be made to the administration delegate or competition manager.

(ii) Any protest regarding the competition, shall in the first instance, be made orally to the referee by the athlete or by a person acting on his/her behalf, within 30 minutes of the official announcement of the result.

The referee may decide on the protest or may refer the matter to the jury of appeal. If the referee makes a decision, the athlete may appeal to the jury within 30 minutes.

Appeals must be in writing, signed by the athlete (or a responsible adult on behalf of the athlete) and submitted to the administration manager located in the administration area. The protest must be accompanied by a deposit of $50.00 which may be forfeited should the protest be considered frivolous (IAAF rule 146). Protest/appeal forms are available at administration area.

17. Medals: Will be made as soon as possible after the event. All placegetters are asked to assist with this procedure by going with an official at the completion of the event to the ceremonial area. Each athlete must wear either their competition singlet or tracksuit top for the victory ceremony. Medallions will be presented to competitors placed first, second and third.

18. Records: All athletes wishing to break a record, please report this to the administration area 2 hours prior to the event.


19.1 Combined Events athletes must report to the Admin area for the first event of each day of competition.

19.2 The Combined Events referee is in charge of the Combined Events and will notify the athletes at the completion of each event when the next event will start.

19.3 Athletes must notify the Combined Events Referee if they are intending to withdraw from the competition.

19.4 Any athlete who fails to make a start or trial in any of the scheduled events of the competition shall not be permitted to take part in subsequent events, and shall be considered to have abandoned the competition. The athlete in this case shall not figure in the final place classifications.

19.5 In all track events a competitor will be disqualified when he/she has recorded two false starts in an event (IAAF Rule 162.7).

19.6 Only one system of timing may apply to each track event of a Multiple Event. Therefore if there is a failure of the electronic timing for an event or heat of an event, the times for all heats in that event of the Multiple Event shall be hand times.

19.7 All combined event competitions shall be scored using formulae or tables from the IAAF Handbook (2013 Edition) of scoring tables for men’s and women’s Combined Events competitions, with no alterations for age groups.

19.8 The Combined Events for the Open age group will be as per IAAF rule 200.

20. Please contact AV for any questions regarding these championships on 8646 4500 or summer@athsvic.org.au.

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